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  1. leuthold couloir conditions

    Here's a picture from Illumination last Thur. Didn't look too inviting to us.
  2. Helmets ?

    I learned the hard way to always wear one when aid climbing. Aiding is hot, sweaty and slow, and there's often nobody above you. But after my first significant fall, I discovered what all the veterans already knew: you generally take aid falls upside down.
  3. labor day partner

    I'm looking for a partner for labor day. I'm coming from Seattle and flexible on destination, but I was thinking Leavenworth for something on Snow Cr wall, or lower to the ground cragging in the area if weather looks too threatening. Lead 5.10, been climbing for a decade, can bring rack and a shiny brand new 70m cord PM me!
  4. Near the base, evening of 5/29. Get in touch...