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  1. Oregon Climbing History

    Hey Shapp, I'd be real interested to find out about Baby Rock and any other of the outcroppings near there. I went up to Monteith Rock with a friend just yesterday to scout it. Monteith maybe climbable but probably not protectable...real crumbly. I'm not a geologiest but looked like falling apart sedimentary. We then made a lame try to get to Baby Rock on FSR 328 but it was getting darkish and we didn't make it. some of those outcroppings look columnar from 58. Anybody? G
  2. Mt. Washington gear list...

    OK, did the trip on a Bluebird Monday, yesterday, and had a very pleasant climb. Except I'll never understand why the hike out is always so much longer than the hike in!!! Here's my brief equipment report. People here are correct in that slings and a few quick-draws are the only thing really needed. Webbing is already placed for belay anchors and rap retreat. I placed one sling on a horn on the first technical pitch, having started from the top of the angled ramp at the end of the North ridge approach climber's trail. I think I placed one cam, a green camalot, on the second pitch, which is mainly a scramble anyway, and the placement sucked, call it practice... Other than slings, the only real solid placement I got was with a yellow camalot on the third, (last) pitch on the summit block. Not knowing what was up there, I took two lengths of webbing with me for retreat and since the second and third belay/retreat placements only had one each already installed, I left one of mine on each of those horns to double that protection. The first (lowest) pitch already had three runners on the horn and they all looked pretty new so it was bomber already. I hauled a set of nuts but they were totally unnecessary and would probably have been ineffective on that rock anyway. Thanks to everybody who responded here and I hope my report will help the next guy who hasn't already been up there!
  3. Mt. Washington gear list...

    THanks to all replies to my query. Love Mountainmandoug's tag line! Consensus seems to be one rack of nuts, maybe a couple small cams and some long lengths of strapping would be all the gear necessary if roping. Mainly...don't fall
  4. Mt. Washington gear list...

    I should have added that we are planning what appears to be the most common route, the North Ridge. Thx!
  5. Wanting to lead first summit attempt at Mt. Washington soon and was hoping for gear suggestions. Likely party of three. Have full gear box but not wanting to haul it all up there if all I need is a couple of cams. Any help appreciated! And thanks in advance. G
  6. THe Fritz mentioned a öfficial" gear list. Wanting to summit in about two weeks and wondered where one might find such a list. Don't want to haul whole bag up there if I can pin down what's really needed. Thanks for anybody who can help with this. G
  7. Trad or sport near Eugene, OR

    thanks for the head's up!
  8. Most of my regular partners have finals or family this weekend and I want to test new skills. Thinking SMith will be crowded...maybe Callahans or Flagstone? Have all my gear, please have yours too. But I can do the transportation. May 29 or 30th Day trip. Open for suggestions. Up to 5.9 sure... harder crux ok. Reply or call 541.729.2531 Thanks!