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  1. So some buddies and I came up with this idea, climb Liberty Ridge, in May. Since we are spread over a few states, VT,NY,CO, I was hoping to get some info on what conditions and snow pack are like in May. I have seen some photos from various websites of successful trips during this part of the season but just curious on what the NW experts think...
  2. Rainier in May - Liberty Ridge

    Hey Sharpie, Weather is not looking good... Anyone have any advice on an alternative plan? We are thinking about skiing Adams, seeing what the weather will do, and maybe hit up Smith Rock. We start climbing in a week so we still have a chance but a back up plan will be helpful. Any advice would be great...
  3. Rainier in May - Liberty Ridge

    Sounds good, look forward to it.
  4. Rainier in May - Liberty Ridge

    DPS - Thanks for the advice, we are already looking into backup plans. Fingers are crossed though...
  5. Rainier in May - Liberty Ridge

    I head to CO the 23rd then to Seattle the 26th and that night we head to Rainier, we'll mostly likely, well, depending on the weather, get some night climbing in. PM Sent
  6. Rainier in May - Liberty Ridge

    Thanks for the info, looking forward to the climb, fingers crossed for good weather. I will be there the week before and the weekend of Memorial Day, so maybe they will have the snow plowed by then... How have the snow conditions been this past year?
  7. Cody Conditions 3/13-14/10

    sweet video, Cody, WY makes me jones ice...
  8. inspiring rock climbing videos?

    all these videos are inspiring, I can't get enough! youtube has been my TV today!
  9. www.climberism.com - feeding climber addiction by definition: (1)climber (2)ism (3)climberism (1)One that climbs, especially a person who climbs mountains. (2)State or condition resulting from an excess of something specified (3)Therefore "climberism" by definition is "a condition resulting in the excess of climbing" alternative "one that climbs in excess" feed the addiction at www.climberism.com
  10. inspiring rock climbing videos?

    Sort of a slide-movie but inspiring nonetheless. Some old Scotts pushing the boundaries. [video:youtube]