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  1. Rainier this Spring?

    interested as well. I did Mt. Rainier last June guided and since then I have obtained additional skills and am ready to climb it unguided with a proper team. Adams and Baker are a go for me too. Am available most of the time minus when the major cyclings rides are taking place. Email me at martino at buoyage dot com.
  2. Denali - 2011

    interested as well. Just returned from the Denali NP where I did a training cl;ass with Alpine Ascents. The range is breathtaking. Ran into several teams going up and returningb from Denali. Ones ereturning were able to do it in 15 days flat - the weather was excellent. I posted sonme pixs on http://www.buoyage.com/alaska2010/ I am emailing you directly. Martin
  3. Aconcagua 2010/2011

    as I posted on summitpost.org I'd like to - timing: +/- 24 days before X-mas 2010 or +/- 24 days after Jan 10th - skill level needed: super strong physical cond + good mountaineering, team player - main difficulties: altitude, length of time on the mountain (could be +/- 18 days); physical strength; , weather can be nasty - route: either normal or Vacas Valley or combo - setup: no guides, porters up to base camp - itynerary: the key to success is weather and aclimatization. I think if we allow ourselves enough time on the mountain we should be able to summit and get safely down to the road. If we complete sooner we can spend extra days in Mendoza, Buenos or Santiago. - necessary gear: lots and count on carrying 50lb backpack - approximate cost (departing from US): US$3,500 There are many options which need to be discussed and selected and tough training ahead of us. I want to do it as a prep for going further, higher, and more difficult. The ultimate goal is 8Km in Himalaya. Anything else in between is in the plans: Equador, Bolivia, Denali, .... Then .... I'd love to meet people who could team up and prep right to survive this challanges and then plan the next moves.