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  1. Trip: Ingalls Peak - East Ridge Date: 9/5/2015 Trip Report: A couple of us were trying to do a climb of Ingalls East Ridge this past weekend. We setup camp Saturday morning and watched as the peak was covered in clouds and high winds. The weather looked far worse than the forecast had predicted. Deciding to push the climb to Sunday in hopes the weather would be better, we found a rock outcropping and had some fun setting up some new routes. We put up 3 new trad routes (5.6-5.9) that were very fun. All went well. The next morning when we woke up, we discovered about 4" of new snow had fallen during the night. We ate breakfast and went back to the cars, the weather had bested us - and we would not be climbing Ingalls this weekend. Unfortunately, while driving back to the city, we came to the realization that we had lost a bunch of gear (6ish+ cams, set of nuts, slings, bunch of carabiners, etc) at the rock we were playing on. We realized we had left the rack at the base of this rock. Some of the gear has both green and pink tape and the other gear has red tape on it. The GPS coordinate of the gear is here: 47.466761, -120.941196 Here is a map with the location marked: CalTopo Map The rock outcropping is about 50 yards NW of the main trail heading to the lake, about 100 yards before a turn off to go back down towards the camp sites. I have attached a photo of the face of the rock we were climbing: If you come across our rack, and can get it back to us - I have a 6 pack of beer of your choice with your name on it!
  2. [TR] Ingalls Peak - East Ridge 9/5/2015

    I debated on where to put it. Guess it should have gone in both. I wanted people to know about the new snow that area got. Here is the view of the South side of Stewart from Sunday Morning:
  3. [TR] Ingalls Peak - East Ridge 9/5/2015

    Probably up for negotiation ;-)