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  1. Olympia Climbing Wednesdays

    scratch that crashed my mountain bike, will be out for a while with a messed up right shoulder
  2. Olympia Climbing Wednesdays

    ok schedule is clear for this Wednesday. Hopefully it stays that way. I have only been able to hike a bike and mountain bike late in the evening.
  3. Olympia Climbing Wednesdays

    as i stand watching it pour. I won't.
  4. Bivy for a tall guy

    as long as your not wide like me you shouldn't have an issue. I have a feather friends long nano swallow and I fit the longs fine at 6'4" 240 but i had to learn not to roll as i dont want to pay for a custom bivy.
  5. Olympia Climbing Wednesdays

    is anything dry enough to climb tomorrow?
  6. Pinky

    Seems i cant get a break. While on my MTB tour i shattered my pinky the first joint right is broke in two places.... Really whats next the ankle is about 90% then i do this... Possible to tape and climb on wed?
  7. "Spill. Baby. Spill"

    notice the new line or was it posted already? http://www.foxnews.com/us/2010/05/15/experts-agree-size-oil-spill-matters/ and of course http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/05/14/bp-ceo-gulf-oil-spill-rel_n_576215.html
  8. Hangboard or rock rings?

    for what its worth i use rings.
  9. Ankle

    my personality is against slow. Its ingrained in me to go hard and give 100% all the time. My peers are confused but my injury as it's the first time they can remember i am injured but at the same time i still hang.
  10. Ankle

    i self relocated it today and now the swelling is down. After the set of x-rays on more was out of place somehow. I tend to heal fast. so if i can run fine monday, i will try out climbing Wednesday and see how it goes. Heck the first time i saw the doc he wanted to cast before x-rays. Army doc's suck really, but at the same time i need to make sure i don't over do it.
  11. Ankle

    My ankle is semi fubar, I hurt it playing football and dislocated a couple of small bones in the foot. Nothing broken or major it. Just swelling and pain. Does anyone have good techniques for rehab? I can bear for full weight walking be can't rotate it and bear weigh. Its fine for biking and walking but as soon as i try to place and turn it goes. 2 weeks ago the doc said 4 weeks, today he said 4 more. j
  12. Need a good 50+ mile route

    #4 can be solved with training the boys on team work and proper knots so they can aid the other climbers.
  13. Olympia Climbing Wednesdays

    ok home off white. PM sent

    thought it was my crappy internet guess it wasn't me for once.
  15. Mt Hood

    heck you could have just titled the thread and left it blank in that case.