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  1. Hi all, I'm looking to grow the partner list a bit for alpine climbing - my usual partners are likely quite busy this summer save for a trip to the Canadian rockies, and I'd like to get out with some new partners a bit this spring prior to the main season. I've been climbing for 7 years, and have done most of the trade routes up the usual suspects here (Rainier, Baker, Glacier, Sahale, Eldo, some others), a trip to the northern Pickets, led some easy alpine rock, and can lead easy/moderate ice. This season I'm looking to do Baker's N ridge or the Coleman headwall and other similarly difficult intermediate routes. Please drop me a note if you've got some prior experience and are looking to get out on routes of this variety. Thanks! Joseph
  2. Hi all, I'm free Wed. and Thurs., and am happy to take Friday off too and this weekend for a trip out to Hyalite or some area in BC for some ice. I've been climbing ice for ~5 years, mostly cragging at Ouray. Haven't done much leading, but looking to lead some grade 3's and TR/follow 4s/5s. I've been doing a mix of general mountaineering / alpine rock consistently for the past few years and am solid, safe, and competent - looking for the same! Please shoot me a note if this sounds interesting, or if a shorter trip somewhere closer could work for you. Thanks, Joseph
  3. Hi all, Starting a new job mid-September and totally free until then. I moved to WA permanently about a year ago, but have been climbing in the Cascades for the past 5 years. I'd like to add to my list of regular alpine partners up here. As a first outing, I'd be looking to get out on a scramble, low-fifth, or some moderate glaciated route if you've got significant prior glacier experience. After a first outing, would like to tick off a few other slightly bigger classics this summer - maybe W ridge of Stuart, Triumph, W ridge of Eldo, some intermediate glaciated objectives, etc. I've climbed a decently long list of the classic moderate glaciated routes, like to keep my leads in the mountains at ~5.6 and under, can efficiently follow/clean 5.9+, work my way up 10b/c if needed, could lead moderate ice, and can follow steep ice. Big on safety, and not afraid of running away when things don't feel right. If this sounds interesting, please drop me a line. Thanks, Joseph
  4. A Month of Adventure (7/24-8/24)

    This doesn't happen to be the Nate Ball that I knew in undergrad at an east coast technical university, is it? I'll PM as well. Joseph
  5. Hi everyone, Thanks for the great range of suggestions here - definitely adds some excitement beyond the Dravus St. hill I've been doing in Magnolia, which was a decent low-effort find, but I knew there had to be more out there. As a next Q - I'm definitely up for linking up with some regular training partners. I'm in fair, but not amazing shape - the goal is to log a bunch of milage thru these rainy months. PM me if interested, and we can discuss whether we'd be a good match. Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, Recently moved here, and am trying to rack up a good amount of vertical during the week when I have at most a 4 hour block door to door from Ballard (sometimes 2 hours door to door). Are there any particularly good hikes close by, or nice big hills for doing laps to efficiently rack up lots of vertical during the week? Thanks!
  7. Hey everyone, Just moved to Seattle, and wanting to brush back up on my gear placement / anchor building efficiency. Where's the closest place to Seattle with enough different cracks, etc. to offer enough variety for ~4 hrs. of practice? I should add - doesn't have to be somewhere with climbable routes - just somewhere to place gear while standing on the ground. Thanks!
  8. Just moved here, but have climbed a fair amount before in WA throughout the Cascades. I've also spent a decent amount of time in Tuolumne, Ouray, and NH. I'm looking for some people to get to the gym with on a regular basis once the rain starts, outside when possible, and then tackle more stuff in the mountains next summer. Currently lead sport outside to 9/10a, trad to 7 or 8, and have a significant amount of mileage on glaciated routes and waterfall ice. I've been climbing about five years, and want to find that critical mass of a few good partners now that I live here.
  9. 38 this weekend?

    Didn't make plans ahead of time and feeling lazy. Anyone up to get out to 38 Sat or Sun.? Or maybe Vantage/LWorth? Looking for 8-10a on bolts, 6-7 on gear
  10. Alpine this weekend

    Anyone want to do something this weekend, to the tune of something reasonably moderate (classic routes on Sahale, Shuksan, Baker etc.) or something similar? I've climbed five glaciated things up here and have been climbing for about three years and can lead some easy/easy moderate alpine rock as well. Happy to follow to 5.9, or follow steeper icier stuff to (can follow to WI 4 efficiently). Shoot me a PM or reply... Looking for someone who's at least been on a few trips and already knows crevasse rescue and is solid at self arrest and has a good head on their shoulders.
  11. I'd be interested in Shuksan or similar. I could do something this weekend (i'm staffed up here on work thru the end of the year). I've been climbing 3 years and have climbed Ruth Mountain, Eldorado, and Emmons on Rainier unguided, and Baker and Silver Star guided in a course. Can also lead easy/moderate alpine rock. Shoot me a PM if interested. I'd also be interested in discussing other dates but really want to do something this weekend.
  12. Anyone headed down then? I'm looking to make a trip out there for the first time. Climbed all summer in WA, and have been climbing about 3 years. Follow trad to 10a, lead to 7/8ish maybe 9 if the gear is bomber. Thanks, Joseph
  13. Free Wed. thru Fri. Would be happy to go to Squamish (looks like great weather) or try to knock out some classic easy/moderate alpine routes (Sahale, Sahale+Sharkfin, Ingalls, west rib of South Early, other WA pass rock, Prusik Peak). Lead to 5.7, have rack and car, follow to 10a. Would also be down to follow a sustained harder (5.9/10a) route that I might not be able to contribute to leading, as long as you're ok with that.
  14. long alpine between 9/1-12

    Sent an email
  15. Looking to do something moderate in WA pass on Thurs., or some moderate trad elsewhere (Tooth, Ingalls, Prusik, Kangaroo Temple, SEWS SW buttress or S Arete, Beckey Route or NW corner, Liberty Bell, or similar, etc.). Lead to 5.6/easyish 5.7, happy to follow to 5.9 or so. Have car, rope, better part of a rack. Interested? Fine as a long day trip, but if going to WA pass, would prefer to head up Wed. night, camp, get early start, then either camp Thurs. night or back to Seattle. Camping up for discussion - if interested please let me know and we can discuss. Thanks