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  1. Seeking in Seattle

    PM sent
  2. Ice climbing 2010!!

    Same here, solid mountaineering experience, relatively new to ice, but naturally gifted - Ah ah! Seriously though, I'm free weekends and from dec 20 to jan 2nd and very interested in getting more ice experience this winter. I've led easy alpine ice pitches (AI2 or so). I have all personal gear and three ice screws (for now). I'd like to get to Haylite, Cody and Lillooet this winter, in addition to closer venues, like Baker, Leavenworth, etc. Send me a PM if interested, and I'll get you my contact info. Cheers! - Alex.
  3. Female partner for Squamish this wknd, 20-22th...?

    I could do that. PM sent - Cheers! Alex.
  4. Partner(s) needed for July 24-27 North Cascades.

    I mean, email sent.
  5. Basic ice rack

    Ah ah. No worries Dane. I already have the info I needed. Thanks all who donated knowledge! Let the picket discussion roam where it must. I like pickets, and I have used them to set up running belays around scary crevasses when my rope team included inexperienced climbers. I guess if you only climb with climbing studs, you could never need one. I wouldn't have thought of having one in a purely ice rack. I like flukes too for mellow glacier routes.
  6. North Cascades Objectives

    PM sent
  7. Basic ice rack

    Too late!
  8. Basic ice rack

    Pretty feisty around here. I think I'm going to like it ;-) DirtyLeaf - I hear ya. That's been my main strategy for ice and rock (I'm fully equipped for glacier travel, with spares), but I've lately been put in the situation a couple of times where I had a partner with experience but no gear. I don't want to miss out on climbs for lack of gear. Sometimes girls just want to climb with girls, and asking a guy to come along just because he's got a nice rack just won't do. Know whadda mean? I couldn't go out get it all even if I wanted to - unless one of you wants to fund my climbing addiction. I mostly wanted to get an idea of how much $ I'm looking at in the long run and also what to acquire next time I do get some extra cash. Jon, that ice Gear article was useful. Thanks for the link. Okay, sorry to interrupt, you can resume your strife now!
  9. Basic ice rack

    What set of screws (and other gear) would one want in a basic ice rack? The idea being to become the one with the gear and able to lead 3 to 4 pitches water or alpine ice routes? So far I have two 16cm screws, a 60m 9.2mm rope, ice tools, 1-front-point crampons, a handful of quick-draws and a small army of binners in various shape.
  10. Regular Climbing parner needed

    Three guys and a girl. Hi, I'm new to the board. Also in the Ham. I've lead various routes on volcanoes (Cascades and Andes), can follow WI3+, rock 5.9, some ski mountaineering. Own gear and a vehicle. I don't mind driving. Free weekends and occasional weekdays. Cheers. Alex.