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  1. Would anyone be interested in making a trip out Bozeman next weekend or weekends thereafter? I don't lead (yet) but will follow up to WI4 and will top rope anything (I'm totally hardcore! ).
  2. Howdy, Anyone up for iceclimbing this weekend. I cannot lead but I can top-rop WI5. I suppose I could follow, but I do not have any multi-pitch experience. Banks Lake? Leavenworth? Shoot me a PM if interested.
  3. WTB AT boots 27.5 under $350

    Anyone have some boot?
  4. wanted - android leashes

    Title says it all.
  5. I'd like to take the vipers off your hands. How would you like to settle payment?
  6. I am trying to find some light alpine / ice climbing boots for under 150.00 bones. I wear a size 10.5 US shoe.
  7. I left my rope, shoes, and helmet at Post Falls last Thu 23rd. Anyone?
  8. 1 pair Petzl Quarks, with extra picks, well used

    Hey, Could I see a pic of the leashes?
  9. Andrew, The permit covers the snow creek zone, enchantment zone, colchuck zone stuart zone, and eightmile/caroline zone. The permits states that camping is not allowed in the Enchantment zone. I assume all other zones are open. You can reach me at 716-397-5779 Regards, Paul
  10. It sounds like we have a similar experience level in the mountains, though I have not rock climbed with gear, just sport. I would be willing to follow and clean though. I top rope at about 10c - 10d and lead sport at 5.8. Your goals for this summer are right on with mine.
  11. I have a permit for Enchantments, July 16th - 19, for four people, that I can not use, and so I offer it here. The permit costs $60.00. Side note, the entrance is at the Snow Creek entrance, and though you may travel through, the core Enchantments area is not open to camping over night.
  12. Looking for Partner for Alpine Climbing

    Hey RoJay, I am fairly new to the mountains, but am interested in your offer. I have only climbed sports routes (taking a trad class in september though), and am now leading about 5.8 as well (I tope rope around 10c - 10d). I just completed Mountain School in Spokane, through the Spokane Mountaineers, during which I learned the basics: winter camping, safety, glacier travel, crevasse rescue, etc. Much of this information is not backed up by much experience, just a day or two of exercises and a couple trips. So, depending on your objectives, and what knowledge you would be willing to impart, I would definately like to go on some trips this summer.
  13. Scarpa Cumbres for Sale

    Hey Mike, I have size 10-10.5 feet and these sound like they might be perfect for me. I'd like to give them a shot. Seeing that I can not try these before I buy, would it be possible for me to get a refund if it was initially obvious that they would not work out, i.e. as soon as I put them on and walk around, they don't fit right. I would pay the shipping on return of course and would make this decision within two days. Regards, Paul
  14. Hello, I am looking for a climbing partner in the spokane area. The days are getting longer and it would be nice to go climbing after work at Minnehaha or Post Falls. I am a fairly green climber trying to get in to the sport (activity, whatever). Usually I just boulder at Wildwalls or easy (v0)at Minnehaha. I have shoes, a harness, and belay knowledge. I can climb 5.9 - 5.10, though I have never lead, never set up a top rope, and have never been on a multipitch climb. I imagine these are not exactly selling points, but hey, that is where I am. Paul f