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  1. Who loves Rocky Butte?

    I would like to get out there maybe this Thursday. call 509 270 3691
  2. Just Moved to Portland - need regular partner

    I would really like to go to ozone tomorrow Saturday the 20 have gear call or write 509 270 3691
  3. Looking for climbing partners for alpine routes

    Sounds awesome I live in portland but maybe I could meat you in seattle or some thing give a call 509 270 3691
  4. 2-3 day Smith trip from WA midweek

    love to do some climbing. I am 29. I like climbing trad but there is a lot of good stuff a smith. I have a rack, the book and a little dog. she does not have to come though. If you are still around and still need a partner give a call. Oh ya I live in portland and I can definitely kick in on gas and what not. 509 270 3691