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  1. FS: Dialed Approach Ski Setup

    might want to post on montanaice.com looks like a nice rig, but I don't need another
  2. FS: Complete AT Package / Dynafit - NEW

    A couple Q's: Are you willing to sell stuff seperately? If so Have the bindings been mounted already? What is the adjustable range? I wear a 288mm boot.
  3. AT Boots

    Scarpa Denali TT 24.5 mondo. $100. Fits mens 7.5, Intuition liners only molded once, Sole length 287. Not Dynafit compatible. also : Scarpa Diva's 23.5 mondo with blue superfeet. $200. Dynafit compatible. Fits womens (9-) or mens 7-7.5 Intuition Liners only molded once, only skied 20 days or so, a few scratches. Sole length 279mm. Comes with White Touring tounges and Stiff Black ones. You pay shipping from MT.
  4. Recommend us some ice climbs in Hyalite

    East Hyalite is worth the walk. You can still bootpack to palisades/alpha/omega and get some good ice. all in 4 or 4+ condition probably but easily tr'ed. A&O with one 60m. Mummy2 is super fat and easy right now and gets you up to a good TR on the Sceptre. There is also bootpack to TWin Falls still as well as the Dribbles which is a hookfest, albeit a little thin on p3. More than enough to stay busy with, but hard to find virgin ice with the road plowed. I'm gone for the weekend but give a hollar if you want a third wheel.