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  1. Hello all, this is the friend (Steve) finally adding a rely on to the thread. I am not going to add much to what Wes has already stated other than my debt of gratitude to those that helped in any way, to those that would have helped if they could have, and to those that have provided support and encouragement. After 3 weeks from surgery and having to stay off the foot I have had much time to reflect and rethink the situation. The primary take away... that I hope that I can provide support and help to someone else in need to make their "night" more comfortable and their "trip" out as easy as possible. A huge public thank you to Drew and Tricia, the 3 Canadians, SAR, to my daughter who was the "first responder" and held her emotions in check for several days, and especially to Wes whom I hope will not give up on me. We still have goals to accomplish and climbs to do!