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  1. Helicopter Rescue above Melakwa Lake

    I hope not
  2. Pretty cool rescue

    cool? pretty embarassing really
  3. Brushing

  4. Brushing

    aint sport climbing grand
  5. [TR] Mount Rainier - Curtis Ridge 6/14/2014

    great fotos, looks like a route that deserves more attention
  6. gear for sale

    -40 degree down bag, single wall mega light 1-2 man tent, mono crampons, never used cobra ice tool, rock/aid/ice gear with biners, and various other gear. all in good to excellent shape. will sell 50-60% of what I paid new, mpreiss@live.com in interested in viewing
  7. Speed records in Washington

    hahahha really
  8. Your other hobbies...

    I like golfing alot but it can be dangerous. also I believe too many hobbies usually means your just ok at many things. although I had to work very hard at being a very mediocre alpinist
  9. Usage at CC.com in decline

    . The iPhone was just released. Facebook and Twitter were infants. Since then there has been a war for your attention, and now it has moved from your desktop to your phone, and now it's moving to your other devices (Pebbles, FitBits, Netflix etc). There are billions of dollars being pumped into these companies who’s sole purpose is to compete for your time, content, money, and become integral to your lives. So, it’s remarkable in a way that we are still here. Are posts down? Yes. Are pageviews down? Yes. Are visits by core return visitors down? Not so much. So while people are not posting, they are still reading in droves. I don’t want to sound like I’m not disappointed this has happened, because I am, but I’m also realistic about the above, and take some solace in the fact our traffic is such that we’d likely survive financially even if nobody was posting. Being self sufficient financially was a goal from the start. Something that did happen this year is in the last 12ish months we have had 3 offers to buy cc.com. We turned away all of them, mainly because none where in the best interest of the community and your content.. We are in this for the long haul. Moving forward I will add a better photo uploading capability; you guys deserve it. Whether we abandon the photo gallery or not is up in the air. In the next couple months we’ll have some clarity on which forum solution we will be moving to, which will be much more modern then what we have now, and will have a great mobile experience. I’ll have more a bit later. the hieght of the infinite bliss rant
  10. Charlie Porter

  11. Your favorite Moderate Cascade Climbs?

    . I agree also, sometimes its nice to enjoy the alpin slowly
  12. [TR] Index - Bridal Veil Falls 2/8/2014

    yes the 1978 route, pardon
  13. [TR] Index - Bridal Veil Falls 2/8/2014

    wow the the entry to the bibler-klewin route looks phat!
  14. Favorite Solos

    mt garfield south face of west peak, hehe
  15. Speed records in Washington

  16. A day with Fred

  17. A day with Fred

    think he will be 90 in november! what a life