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  1. I remember in the infinite bliss debate, that no new routes were done in the alpine wilderness top down bolted. In fact this is the first one I have heard about since then, there maybe are more but haven’t heard of any. My only concern is as it becomes more and more accepted every tom dick and harry will start rappelling steep mountains walls and bolting, And then start “working” the route until it “goes” or until it doesn’t “go” and is left abandoned or until the next generation tries it. And it kinda sounds strange but in my mind if we continue to support top down wilderness routes it will only be a matter of time before its common place.(which some climbers may not care about?) and Maybe I’m being A bit paranoid but…maybe not
  2. yes all those classic ground up beckey routes are never done
  3. so is the route bolted on rappel? or did I miss that
  4. Looks like a "modern" route with a lot of bolts next to some available protection, but im sure will be popular
  5. me and marko tried it years ago and I believe we got off route cause we ran into some 10ish stuff and bailed off it rightward
  6. isn't there a route on that already? star something? 5.8ish put up in 80s. or does it vary from that? FA NED GILLET?
  7. Alarming seeing the size of the glacier, I remember it much larger. but nice job. Also I believe tom Thomas has a hard ass alpine route on NE face of storm king mt ? in the Canadian rockies that's in sean dohterys(?) guide book
  8. [TR] Mount Index- Index Traverse 7/23/2005

    this is funny but sounds about right
  9. [TR] Darrington - Safe Sex 9/5/2015

    Dirty but awesome! ...
  10. [TR] Mount Rainier - Sunrise 6/28/2015

    hell ya! fred keeps on keepin on
  11. [TR] Adams - South Face/SW gullies 5/2/2015

    "I'm starting to feel a benefit from altitude room training - moved pretty easily higher up the mountain." what is that?
  12. "The snow was now up to our shoulders" did you guys summit?
  13. How to aid solo when there is no available anchor

    :tup: Byeresque!!
  14. direct start to sw ridge/face?(cauthorn route) dorado needle 2 pitches,5.9+ and 5.8
  15. New routes on Rainier?

    agree or a FWA on some of the western routes, there pretty isolated
  16. New routes on Rainier?

    kinda like the kautz route
  17. [TR] Eldorado - NW Couloir 3/1/2015

    humm, ok gracias