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  1. Ideas for a highschool mountain climb

    personally I wouldn't let my child go, unless I was there. even the simplest of mountains/routes can become serious tragedy as the mt Hood epic years ago prove. with all the navigational tools now available, it seems unlikely a tragedy would happen. but??? I just wouldn't risk it. good luck
  2. [TR] Jack Mountain - South Face 8/13/2016

    never been there, looks cool. how difficult to get to jack in winter? road is closed near?
  3. [TR] Sinister Peak - North Face 8/14/2016

    were so lucky to be able to have these secluded peaks without seeing people for days. is rare in these days. looks as it doesn't get climbed much. nice job
  4. [TR] Storm King - Californication 8/14/2016

    that's funny
  5. least ya still have some hair to get helmet hair
  6. [TR] Sherpa Peak - North Ridge 6/26/2016

    good route, is bigger than it looks from below
  7. [TR] Gunn Peak - Standard Route 6/5/2016

    cool, always wanted to go in there, but..
  8. fairly sure its been climbed before 2011
  9. [TR] Cashmere Mountain Slope Waterfall - 1/23/2016

    whats that hanging off your ice tool? :crosseye:
  10. [TR] Chair Peak - North East Buttress 11/28/2015

    looks as winter has arrived!
  11. [TR] Liberty Bell - North Face 10/4/2015

    If its a number 4 Titleist pro v1 ball, then its mine
  12. the fact that we as climbers cannot regulate ourselves for creating these shopping mall,at all costs, routes and the desire for achieving "route setting" glory , I believe will not go unnoticed if they keep coming. the government will make more rules and regulate for us. leave no trace is not just for campers and hikers, it should be a climbers goal as well. and yes sperry basin is not Chamonix, but I do believe it is in the mountains. I am sure the FA team are cool guys, this is nothing personal, I just think is bad form. that's all
  13. [TR] Slesse- North Rib 8/9/2004

    hey great nickname for a mountain guide!
  14. happy you found the humor in it
  15. [TR] Slesse- North Rib 8/9/2004

    you really have a friend-mountain guide whos name is monkey? cool
  16. ok cool, I agree its getting more popular, whether that's good or not remains debatable
  17. Were fucked anyways dude I sent the yellow route on the NE face of stuie, its between the red route and the black/white route. was so rad! the route setter is sick, it finishes with this massive dyno to a knarly no hands stance to micro crimps. completely sick! sorry I just couldn't resist. no offence t-mark
  18. yes and the cascade mountains has an almost 100 year tradition of ground up FAs (minus a very few exceptions) and as more of these routes are done in this style, then we have changed the tradition. so when the next generations come, rap bolting will now be the an accepted tradition
  19. And there are plenty of rap bolted sport climbs around also, there at rock climbing areas not in the mountains. I believe it is in the wilderness. as far as the safety concerns, if you travel in the mountains you should understand the risks, so is not an issue with me
  20. Crowding becomes everyone's problem. maybe in a global environmentally stance of over using the wilderness but its really NOT my problem if climbers wanna flock to a handful of routes.
  21. Route setters? ok. I think there's plenty of routes out there. If climbers wanna flock to only a hand full of routes in the cascades that's there problem