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  1. ah i forgot to say that i will take my plane the 17 of october in seattle so i have like 3 weeks left
  2. yo! i will be back to seattle tomorrow and then i wanna go to utah and california, yep want good weather, too many clouds in BC/canada so write me and maybe we can do something!
  3. Coloradan in the Olympics

    hello I sent you a pm I will be in seattle this week end with nothing scheduled but Olympics mountain are good if you like to study clouds! I am still in BC and go for atrek so cant answer until monday ou tuesday but yep i will be back to seattle on thursday with nothing special to do cheers
  4. Shasta - second week of October?

    hello I wanna climb this mountain too, i will go to salt lake city then sacramento and on my way back to seattle i will try to climb shasta my plane in seattle will be the 17 of october so maybe we can arrange something but you can only climg it on week ends? ok sorry to be short i will spend another week in whistler in BC and i am in a shop now cheers
  5. Baker on labor day weekend!!

    ok man thanxs for the pm I definitely wanna go there I call you
  6. anything in the Cascades or Olympic... anytime!

    ok I am back from hood and adams mountains that are ok to be climbed alone once again i am in seattle with my alpine gear waiting for a next opportunity, free everyday! 206 790 4526 cheers
  7. Partners wanted: Sept 12-16

    hello I should be around seattle at thisn time i climb hood alone and now wuill be heading for adams you wanna climg mountains with glacier like baker? or such cant write much cos i am in a shop 206 790 4526
  8. Rainier: August 30 to Labor Day

    heelo i quickly write you from internet shop i am a french alpinist with experience coming back from shuksan i wanna climg rainer too, this wek end if weather allows i have a mobile phone 206 790 4526 i am in seattle now but maybe will move to portland for a few days so lets call me to arrange thing or i will call you cheers
  9. anything in the Cascades or Olympic... anytime!

    Ok I will go to Shuksan friday and climb it saturday weather seems to be bad on sunday from what I have been told So let see about future opportunities next week I should have a number next week too because here without a phone... Anyway thanxs you all for writting
  10. Yep I arrived in Seattle 2 days ago with only one aim: seeing/climbing the mountains around here! have all my climbing gear (beside a rope)and bivy stuff free anytime for 2 months I am in my friend home in Capitol Hill/Seattle Rainier, Hood, Eldorado, Baker, Olympic mountains, Adams, Shuksan.... I have never climbed any of these yet so open to anything as long as it is not really difficult route I have been climbing many summits around the world for 10 years, 35 and motivated! so? see ya later?
  11. Trip 8/18, 19, 20 any or all days

    I you sent you a pm, I wrote it from Seattle
  12. alpine climb this weekend. Shuksan? Icy?

    C'est clair (that's clear) yup see ya next week
  13. West ridge of Forbidden, Aug-Sept

    Hello here's Seb from France who will arrive next monday in Seattle for 2 months. I'll be around with all my climbing and bivy gear. The outing you wanna do seems to be great, the mountains located in the north cascade nat. park are looking like the one near my place in the northern Alps. Well our glaciers are smaller, obviously. If you wanna see my personal page see http://www.camptocamp.org/users/183887/en let's keep in touch knowwing that I don't really have a specific schedule, I'll just try to spend the maximum time in the mountains. Cheers
  14. alpine climb this weekend. Shuksan? Icy?

    argh! I did not remember that it was for this week end, I'll still be far away.... maybe the week end after then!
  15. alpine climb this weekend. Shuksan? Icy?

    Hello here's Seb from France again. I'm used to walk a lot, camp here or there or walk 12h a day! I'll have all my climbing gear plus tent. But not a rope. Felix, you know I'll arrive next monday evening in Seattle, the day after will have to by a helmet and maybe a jacket and then I can go! I don't know much the mountains there but for an easy snow/rock climb it should not be a problem for me at all. I'm here, mainly, to see your mountains and glaciers! keep in touch, I'll be your man! salut!