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  1. After staying up all night reading, it seems to me the best low-profile system is a biner-block using a clove hitch and an EDK.


    Unfortunately it also seems that the sanest way to secure the single rap line incorporates a snag-loving carabiner :(

  2. Hi, I'm info gathering so thanks in advance.


    Does anybody use an accessory pull-cord for full length raps on one strand?


    What knots do you like?


    Is an EDK appropriate when pairing diameters of 6mm and 10mm?


    Any experiences with a knot pulling through itself or through the anchor?

  3. The 10s do look great. I did this route again yesterday. Like the first time my rope got stuck in the same place. Except the first time I used a runner and the second time I used a short draw. Stuck both times...

  4. Hi all - I'm selling my snowboarding gear - I just don't ride anymore.


    161cm Joni Makinen Snowboard - $99 OBO

    Danny Kass 9.5 Vans boots - $60 OBO

    Pro Tec halfpipe helmet - $10

    Forum bindings - $20

    Avy beacon - $50

    Red Probe poles - $40

    Burton Wheelie travel bag - $50 OBO


    Everything is in good condition. PM me if interested.