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  1. Tying ropes together?

    Hi, I'm info gathering so thanks in advance. Does anybody use an accessory pull-cord for full length raps on one strand? What knots do you like? Is an EDK appropriate when pairing diameters of 6mm and 10mm? Any experiences with a knot pulling through itself or through the anchor?
  2. Tying ropes together?

    Thanks again for all the input. I realize there is already a good amount of info out there. It seems there are definitely multiple options for descent.
  3. Tying ropes together?

    So, descend on two. Add a second biner to the belay device for greater friction on the smaller cord only...
  4. Tying ropes together?

    After staying up all night reading, it seems to me the best low-profile system is a biner-block using a clove hitch and an EDK. Unfortunately it also seems that the sanest way to secure the single rap line incorporates a snag-loving carabiner
  5. Tying ropes together?

    Ahh, good link.
  6. Little Si Fixed Draws

  7. Smith Rock Rescue Saturday

    I watched these guys for a while also. My bet is that they rapped without a prussik and missed the next rap station in the dark.
  8. Found Gri Gri at Vantage

    Tell me what day you lost it even if it's been a while.
  9. Found Gri Gri at Vantage

  10. Neverland

    Has anybody had any problems with a follower falling near the beginning of the 2nd pitch on the 3-pitch sport climb at the far right? Like a dangerous fall or rope damage...
  11. Neverland

    My 60 made it.
  12. Neverland

    The 10s do look great. I did this route again yesterday. Like the first time my rope got stuck in the same place. Except the first time I used a runner and the second time I used a short draw. Stuck both times...
  13. Snowboard Boots

    Danny Kass II. Size 9.5. Good condition. $50. http://www.cascadeclimbers.com/plab/data/500/medium/104_1094.JPG
  14. Neverland

    Thanks for the responses. I agree that it's a fine pitch for the experienced climber and also flag worthy for the less experienced.
  15. Found climbing shoes

    Peannacle Wall, Mt. Washington, Exit 38
  16. Neverland

    I ask because I witnessed a bad second fall. And I had a second fall and damage the rope to the core. I'm not convinced this pitch is safely protected and am info gathering. Thanks
  17. Thin Fingers Rating!

  18. Snowboarding Gear for Sale

    Hi all - I'm selling my snowboarding gear - I just don't ride anymore. 161cm Joni Makinen Snowboard - $99 OBO Danny Kass 9.5 Vans boots - $60 OBO Pro Tec halfpipe helmet - $10 Forum bindings - $20 Avy beacon - $50 Red Probe poles - $40 Burton Wheelie travel bag - $50 OBO Everything is in good condition. PM me if interested.
  19. Snowboarding Gear for Sale

    poles and beacon sold.
  20. Snowboarding Gear for Sale

  21. Snowboarding Gear for Sale

  22. Snowboarding Gear for Sale

    ARVA 9000. Ten years old but in really good condition.
  23. Paul Bailey accident

    T. And I appreciate your insight. Sure, there must've been a possibility of prevention. Dan, google We Love You Paul Bailey.
  24. Paul Bailey accident

    T. Only a full-face helmet would've done him any good. Make a full recovery Paul!
  25. Camelbak

    Hey all. I'm in the market for a multipitch Camelbak. Any recommendations. Thanks