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  1. Denali 2019

    Anyone still looking to partner up for Denali this year?
  2. Climbing Denali 2019

    I’m looking for a team to summit Denali 2019 as well lets get it going!
  3. Denali 2019

    Im looking to join or create a team to summit denali 2019 as well. If you want to know my experience and or feel each other out get ahold of me.
  4. Now we are talking!!! I need a solid partner out here too, my bro got married and any other buddys I have are too scared.. I too like the harder climbs. Alpinist over mountaineer any day. Just curious how big of a guy are you and are you in good shape now?
  5. I'd be interested if you guys are wanting to do the wyeast route or even leuthold couloir. I've just done south side too many times.
  6. Badass of the week: Reinhold Messner

    why would they put a quote from viesturs up, especially after talking shit about messner in an interview!!
  7. Orizaba in Feb

    just say the word and im there!!! ten pitches of wi3 sounds good to me i just got done brushing up on my ice climbing skills last week in colorado(damn they have some nice ice in the rockies)
  8. Orizaba in Feb

    i couldnt find any pics of the serpents head and the trade route looks like a route that can be easily done solo. people talk about the quality of the ice not being that good but that might be later in the season. and its affordable!!!
  9. Orizaba in Feb

    portland, oregon
  10. Orizaba in Feb

    totally interested!
  11. Rainier winter climb

    count me in!
  12. Book help needed

    if you where snowboarding above palmer and it got white out, you followed the fall line, then you would end up in the zigzag glacier. which is crevassed and some big drops too!
  13. Mt Hood Summit Bid

    lol I guess we get a little protective over our mountain... I Like It!
  14. Keen to climb Mt Hood - any takers?

    Ya, my brother and I would love to go with you to the top of hood! Weve been up their four times this year and as long as your in fairly good shape we are totally up for it. If everthing worksout maybe you would like to come climb Rainier with us too! you could email me at justin@battlecrydesigns.com anytime.