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  1. C-141

    Awesome. Yeah I stumbled on that too, which only piqued my interest even more. I am probably heading up this week so I will be sure to provide a ton of detail!
  2. C-141

    I am having a hard time finding any current information on C-141 Peak in the Olympics...I am planning to go next weekend to explore, but any info (like less than a year old) would be fantastic. Thanks!!
  3. I have an appointment on Wednesday with a PT place I went to back in my running days. They already told me quite a bit, but thank you all. I would have just rushed back and probably ended up with more serious problems. Again, thank you! Next time I post hopefully I give you all some stellar pictures!
  4. xrays came back fine, just some ligament damage and was told to make sure it remains active to not freeze up. No serious damage at all, somehow. I was told that no further medical intervention was needed.
  5. I was recently (3 and a half weeks ago) mauled by a 16 foot long branch falling from 150 feet. I just got back mobility in my arm and need to rebuild strength. I am a bit apprehensive to hit the rock wall again, but I know I need to. Any tips or suggestions to get back into shape and not doing any permanent damage? Thanks!
  6. Great climb. This is actually on my list of "Spring Cleaning" so seeing it in now just gets me more excited to get the snow off it and get back to climbing. Thank you for the great pics