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  1. Fantastic! Thanks much for all that. I was at smith rock this last weekend and could see that the eastern aspect of most of the pinnacle had been cleared of snow and rime. There's plenty of horror on the traverse bellow the pinnacle late summer. Layers of rock just seem to be peeling off the side of the mountain and are just waiting to dislodge at the hint of a footstep.


    Anyways this is great stuff and I'm itching to get up there!


    Good on ya man! Cheers!

  2. Could you give a few more details on the summit conditions?

    Were you knocking away rime ice to expose the rock underneath and so on or what?

    Where did you park and hike in from?


    This is a great TR and there is a fair chance I'll be going up on the weekend by the looks of everything.



  3. I'm looking to get someone a great deal on a bomber bag. The item for sale is a Mountain Hardwear Ghost -40 degree bag. I have it for sale on Gear Trade but they take a 10% cut on the item if it sells. Would rather sell it here.


    The item is brand new and I'll pay for shipping to any of the 48 states.


    Send me a message if you are interested or have any questions.


    Price is $460 if bought from me directly. Retail is $700.