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  1. denali Noob seeks Denali 2020 Team

    Interested absinthe52@hotmail.com
  2. Denali 2020 Looking for partners

    Interested absinthe52@hotmail.com
  3. No prob josh, thanks!
  4. Sapphari, Thanks for the nice pic! I'll use that for my July 4th attempt. BTW, looking for a 3rd member of the team...Please let me know how the route is after your climb. Matt absinthe52@hotmail.com
  5. Hey there, My wife and I will be attempting either the Kautz or Gibralter Ledges. We get in on the 8th and plan on climbing the next 4 days. We are both from CO and have experience in winter climbs. Planning on doing Torment/Forbidden after that. 1st time to Ranier, attempted Shasta last year. E-mail me if interested in meeting up. We are both cool. absinthe52@hotmail.com Matt
  6. Hey there, I thought I was set on hitting up Gibralter Ledges next May. Though now, I've seen trip reports to Forbidden peak and I'd like to get in some good alpine rock climbing as well. I will be out for about 10 days this spring. Question is, is June too late for Gib Ledges (usually)? Book says no, but I would like some of your opinions. Also, I'd like to do some alpine rock as well, but I'd like to avoid the crowds that come in July and August (Rainier included). Any suggestions/advice are welcome. I'd like to keep the trip between April-mid June of possible. Thanks, Matt
  7. FS: OR Kodiak Gloves-XL New

    New with tags, $260 retail, I'll part with them for $115. They are too big and I got em onsale but can't return them. Thats what you get for ordering online without trying them on. But hey, I live in Louisiana right now so gimme a break! Info on gloves is below. email me at absinthe52@hotmail.com me if you are interested and I'll send you photos. Thanks, Matt These gloves are designed to perform in extreme weather conditions. They have a windproof, waterproof shell that stands up to abrasion and resists wear. The seams are taped for fully waterproof protection. Durable, grippy synthetic palms allow the wearer to handle ice-covered equipment with ease. Cinch Straps on the wrist and gauntlet keep the Kodiaks secure in any situation. The removable liners are made of a warm, dense fleece, and have a pocket for a handwarmer on the back of the hand. INTENDED USAGE: Ideal for wet, cold endeavors such as ice climbing, mountaineering, and cross country travel SHELL: + Waterproof/breathable 330D Cordura® Gore-Tex® fabric shell + Gore-Tex® waterproof/breathable insert keeps hands and insulation dry PALM: + AlpenGrip® palm provides excellent grip FEATURES: + Boxed construction and curved shape provide insulation and dexterity + Seam guard protects thumb seam + 1 in.-wide hook/loop Cinch-Straps with shear tabs at wrist and gauntlet + Extra long gauntlet for additional protection + Removable Idiot Cord attaches glove to wrist REMOVABLE LINER: + Moonlite Pile fleece with one layer on the palm and two over the back of the hand for compression-resistant warmth + Handwarmer pocket on back of hand + Pull loop for easy on/off Avg. weight: 12.5 oz./354 g (size L, per pair w/ liner) Cordura® Fabric A high-performance fabric resistant to abrasions, tears, and scuffs. GORE-TEX® Fabric GORE-TEX® fabrics are waterproof, windproof, and highly breathable.
  8. XL is too big for me, my arms are not long enough. $175 OBO, retail is $220. Feel free to e-mail me at absinthe52@hotmail.com w/questions. Here is a picture link http://www.summitpost.org/image/610672/324762/nitrous.html Thanks, Matt