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  1. WTB: Your BD Cobras (New version, carbon fiber)

    My friend is the one who got it off him.
  2. WTB: Your BD Cobras (New version, carbon fiber)

    Well im willing to spend more if it comes with more. Just figured with one set going for 400, and another going for 450 with 9 picks shipped I could maybe pick up a set for 375. But I can go higher if it comes with more stuff, or if there in really good shape.
  3. Trade you a green Link Cam for a .75 C4?

    I said I would trade you one pm'd
  4. WTB: Older style friends

    Does anyone have the older rigid stem Friends in working condition that there looking to sell? If so let me know, im helping a friend start a rack and were on a budget. So anything that is still usable and is just lying around maybe because you got newer stuff and simply don't use them or if you have a set of doubles and there the older friends and your not needing them anymore it would be appreciated. Post it here or its faster if you email me coryred797 at aol.com Thanks, Lets get my friend some cams so he can quit using mine
  5. I want to buy your BD Cobras! If there the new or current generation (carbon fiber), and they are in good shape and not damaged (cosmetic stuff doesn't bother me to much as long as it doesn't effect the integrity of the axe) then send me some pics and what it comes with (spare picks etc..) Im looking to spend around 375 shipped. I have seen some going for 400 and recently 450 shipped for a set of cobras with 9 picks (my friend snagged them). So lets see some axes!
  6. Petzl Aztar Ice Ax and Hammer for sale

    $400 seems very very steep indeed. People are selling nomics for $300
  7. FS: Aliens

    And if you don't like the totem cam I have some aliens I can trade yah for the totem
  8. Rope Suggestions

    Yup I throw an eight on the end and biner it to the main line. or else you pull through and go for a 60 m ride.
  9. Rope Suggestions

    Sorry to make some info unclear. I will be climbing in the ADK's and Whites primarily, Raps are required but I have used my 9.4 with a pull line and have been fine with 60m raps using that method. I DO rock climb but have a completely separate rope for that (sounds weird but w/e). Last do you recommend Twin or Half ropes? I had my eyes set on the Petzl Dragonflys or mammut genesis. I know the Petzl ropes tend to be stiff but I felt them in the store and liked them. Any thoughts. Thanks.
  10. Rope Suggestions

    I am going to need a new rope this Winter and just could use some advice or input on some rope suggestions. I am primarily an Ice climber, although I will be doing a lot more mixed this winter. I will primarily use it for leading and may use it for some glacier travel. Other than the rock on the mixed I won't be using them for rock climbing, so it's gonna be purley ice and mixed rope. Should I get a single rope, or spring for the Half ropes? Most of the routes I climb don't tend to wander to much, although I will be doing mixed so that might change. So any opinions on what rope I should buy? I have a few in mind but would like to see what yall recommend. Thanks.
  11. Trade you a green Link Cam for a .75 C4?

    I can trade you a .75 C4 in great condition if the guy above doesn't take it.
  12. I am looking to upgrade my ice tools this winter and I have some alien cams I can trade yah for them. Right now I use BD Fusions and I am really looking for BD Cobras (newer model, I had a set of the older ones and not looking to go back). I climb primarily on the east coast in NH, Cats, and ADK's. I climb both mixed and ice and demo'd a bunch of axes. These are really the only ones im interested in but will hear all offers. -Petzl Nomics -BD Cobras -new Fusions -Grivel Quantim Techs I have sizes Black-Red with doubles in Yellow and Green and a hybrid Gray/Red, placed once. We can discuss how many for your set and exchange pics if interested but as of now I was thinking about 5-6 Aliens for a swap? I am not looking to sell them individually sorry. EMAIL ME AT coryred797 AT aol.com for fastest response.
  13. I got 3 jackets to sell, they are all to big for me these days. I got sick this past winter and lost some weight and there just sitting in my closet now. All the jackets are size XL I have 2 Arcteryx not sure of the exact model on both since they were both gifts awhile back. The Orange I believe to be the Theta AR has model #34438 on tag, and not sure of the green one, its lightweight and is goretex paclite. First one: Arcteryx Theta AR asking $200.00 -the front has some dirt/smudge marks on it, and hood has a small tear in it. It will be repaired with K-Tape before it is shipped. http://i561.photobucket.com/albums/ss58/coryred797/DSC_0003.>>>>> http://i561.photobucket.com/albums/ss58/coryred797/DSC_0004.>>>>> http://i561.photobucket.com/albums/ss58/coryred797/DSC_0005.>>>>> http://i561.photobucket.com/albums/ss58/coryred797/DSC_0007.>>>>> Second one: Arcteryx (unknown model) $175.00 -I got this back when I was in the service and modified it a little before I deployed. It is in pretty good shape considering where it has been. The waist cord seems to have come undone in the back as noted in picture but will come fixed with either silicone gel or K-Tape before I ship it. Also has 2 IFF squares sewed on sleeve velcro. http://i561.photobucket.com/albums/ss58/coryred797/DSC_0008.>>>>> http://i561.photobucket.com/albums/ss58/coryred797/DSC_0009.>>>>> http://i561.photobucket.com/albums/ss58/coryred797/DSC_0010.>>>>> http://i561.photobucket.com/albums/ss58/coryred797/DSC_0011.>>>>> third jacket is Patagonia soft shell labeled: level 5 Military Jacket Gen II $175.00 -This was issued to me a few years back just before I got out and had lost it, I had to pay to replace it and it wasn't cheap. I recently found it in a box filled with random things as I was spring cleaning. It is in excellent condition, I used it a few times training, but besides that was written off as lost after that. It has no tears, or rips, it does have last name written behind tags. It has a packable hood on it. http://i561.photobucket.com/albums/ss58/coryred797/DSC_0012.>>>>> http://i561.photobucket.com/albums/ss58/coryred797/DSC_0014.>>>>> http://i561.photobucket.com/albums/ss58/coryred797/DSC_0015.>>>>> Arcteryx Pack $300.00 -I purchased this when I was in the service through a GSA vendor, can't remember which one. I purchased it for $500.00 It has been used, but in overall good condition. It is a size medium frame. http://i561.photobucket.com/albums/ss58/coryred797/DSC00759.>>>>> If you think the prices are to high or you want to offer me a trade PM me. If you need additional photos, contact me and I can send them. If the pics arent working try it on here http://mountainproject.com/v/for_sale__wanted/wts_jackets_and_pack_arcteryx_and_patagonia_/106738285