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  1. Tinkham peak - north face

    Hey, I hiked to the top of Abiel peak just a few days ago and noticed the huge rock face on the northern side of Tinkham peak, and I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a route there. I searched all over the web and couldn't find anything. Anyone? here's a pic: http://outdoors.webshots.com/photo/1487098692068799070VUTvBe
  2. Need partner for index or leavenworth

    i'm also a fan of clipping bolts out at little si
  3. Hey everyone, I'm looking for someone to climb with - my level, or more experienced - to do some bigger routes at index, leavenworth, and various alpine climbs. So far at index i've led most of the routes on the great northern slab, godzilla a couple times, princely ambitions twice, toxic shock, and corner flash. I would like to climb breakfast of champions, Sagittarius, city park p2/sloe children, thin fingers and davis holland/lovin arms before the weather gets super nasty. At leavenworth, i have led midway on castle rock twice, condorphamine addiction, and classic crack. I would LOVE to do outer space and orbit, but i am not 100% confident of my route finding abilities, although i'm sure i could easily free every pitch. i'd also be up for condorphamine addiction again. I'd also like to climb clean break, rebel yell, serpentine arete, and anything on prusik peak. I can comfortably lead 5.9 trad, and with much more excitement and effort 10a trad. i can probably follow 11a, but i'll probably fall. I work all week but have the weekends off and like to get as much climbing in as humanly possible on saturday and sunday! I live right in seattle, have transportation, ropes, a rack, and other gear. I'm looking for anyone that would like to help me accomplish my goals. message me if you're interested! and here's a picture of me headed up to the inner walls at index (sorry for crappy picture quality)
  4. Spurt Climbing Sunday

    exit 38 sucks, how about little si? PM me
  5. Index 10/4

    hey i was planning on going to little si tomorrow for some sport climbing, but perhaps we could go to index instead.
  6. Hello! I'm looking for some new people to climb with. I live in Seattle (Beacon Hill) and have done quite a bit of climbing this past year or so in Washington, in Index, Leavenworth, and Little Si. I'm planning on going to Leavenworth or Index (depending on the weather) on the 10th and 11th of this month and would like to find someone that has climbed on the snow creek wall in L-worth, anything on the pearly gates, or any of the routes on the lower town wall at index. I've lead many routes on the GNS, godzilla, and princely ambitions a couple times. I'd like to do the 2nd pitch of city park up to sloe children, Sagittarius, breakfast of champions, thin fingers, and davis holland/lovin arms. I can lead 5.10 trad pretty comfortably and can follow up to 11a. I have a rope and access to a rack (my other climbing parnters gear), and i have a car. I like to fit in as much climbing as possible on the weekends, sunup to sundown so if anyone is interested please reply or PM me! thanks!
  7. Snow Creek Wall, 10/10 or 10/11!!!

    I would LOVE to climb any or all of those routes on the SCW. If only I had found this forum earlier. I am looking for some new people to climb with, maybe we could hook up sometime and do OS. I'll sure I could tick of at least two of those routes in a day if we're swinging leads. PM me!