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  1. high valley, OR

    The "Cat jump" at 4:25 made my day!
  2. The Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month 1)

    All great ideas!! I do not know anyone else my age (that lives around me) interested in the same thing.. but I will keep my eye out. Love the idea about posting your weaknesses or what you are trying to overcome as well Without further ado..... DAY 4 Well yesterday as you all know I finally ate some breakfast (been a long time), and I actually didn't feel full at work. I am feeling a little better (physically) even though I know it is early... (it might be just mental). Either way I felt good. For lunch I had a can of : It is actually pretty dry to eat plain, but I just used an old can opener at work and scarfed it down rather I liked it or not... The biggest news (to me) is that I drank only 1 soda yesterday! For me that is amazing! (did not get a headache either like I expected). Replaced the urge to drink soda with drinking water... so far so good. Later at home I made up some plain rice and green beans and a few of my wife's favorite: I cut off the bone on the two I ate and also trimmed the fat around the sides... I didn't eat as big of portion as usual, but I think after eating something for breakfast and lunch I didn't feel as hungry.... Once Again, I washed down my dinner with only 2 beers!!! Youngest and myself went for a pretty mellow 1 hour walk again tonight, but no hill involved... (did have to carry her on my shoulders half the time) She is like my little back pack in training LOL Sleeping great (even without all the beer), getting close to 8 hours of sleep and even woke up this morning and had No urge to drink the dew. Ate a bowl of and did not even think to bring a soda to work with me! (maybe today I can go the whole day without one)? Don't officially have to work today, so I plan on leaving here soon and seeking out a trail or two Thats it for now, I have some questions but think I will save that for a seperate post... To Be Cont...
  3. The Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month 1)

    I will look you up on the forum again when my "Winter blues" sit in Right now, I have been lazy at work and have did very little... I have been GLUED to this site most of the day. Reading old posts and the TR's (good stuff)... Great site, Love it!
  4. [TR] Mount Rainier - DC 9/12/2009

    How come no smile while at the summit? I think I would be grinning ear to ear :) Nice pictures btw, great job!
  5. Summitting Family

    Thank you
  6. Summitting Family

    I have a question for you then. Was this Your first time as well? and if it was, did you use a "guide service"?
  7. The Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month 1)

    Thank you for more good advice. NWhikers has a lot of good info on it. I read it for an hour yesterday. Don't have time to post double, so for now I will just come here Also, love the idea for the poster t_rutl, good idea! Now without further ado.... DAY 3 Well on day 3 I tried to force myself to eat breakfast or lunch (instead of just pigging out at dinner)... Thought of it at the last second and all I grabbed out the pantry were some.. :lmao: The good news is, I did eat one for breakfast and then another one around noon... Even better news is I only drank TWO Sodas at work today!!! (trust me, that is a major feat for me) LOL Also went to get my map of the Capitol Forest. I went to the DNR Printing office in Tumwater off exit 101. The lady was very nice and I bought the map for around $5.00... (they do take debit cards). Then I did a little recon on my lunch break. Marked out a site or two on the map and went to find the trail heads so I could find it easier on Saturday. Met a very nice older couple there who were unloading their horses for a ride and they were very helpful on suggesting "nice routes" to take this weekend. I did see a sign that said; "closed Nov 1st"...mmmmmm I wonder if all hiking trails close then?? After work I stopped by a discount outdoor place in Lacey (used to be Sportsmans wearhouse) and bought a nice little first aid kit to take with us.. (better safe then sorry) Made a simple dinner last evening, and I ate 3 I know, your thinking..WTF?... but 3 is not a bad number for me. I usually eat FOUR, and wash it down with around SIX beers. Tonight I stuck to 3 and only drank 2 beers! (it was hard to stop). After, I put the 2yo in the stroller and we went for our evening walk. (my oldest had a small groin pull from practice). Went for a 60 minute walk but this time I added a little something. There is a road near my house that is pretty steep. I went down the hill with the stroller (harder then I thought), and then slowly came back up. Huffing and puffing and sweating all the way! LOL The hill/road is only about 1/4 mile or so, but he elevation came up 220 feet from the bottom to the top (at least according to my Suunto) Feet felt better when I got home, no new blisters so far; And this morning even managed to eat a small bowl of cereal... Hey, its better then nothing right? To Be Cont...
  8. Summitting Family

    These stories are Great and Very Motivating! Congrats to you and your family
  9. The Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month 1)

    You all have such wonderful ideas, plus you all are a HUGE motivation for me!!! Thank you again! :)
  10. The Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month 1)

    DAY 2: Yesterday afternoon I did research on trying to find some local hiking trails that I heard mentioned here. Went to the National forest service in West Olympia to try and find some maps of the local area... DOH! They only had the Olympic Forest (national forest service duh). So I then went to the DNR (dept of natural resources). They didn't have a map of the Capitol Forest either but had a strip map of the location in Tumwater where I could find one...Plan on going there today After my daughters HS Soccer game (they won, yeah!) I went home to make dinner. Baked some skinless chicken breasts with onions, and ate it with a little rice. Not my normal Huge meal so I am slowly trying to eat better. Best news, I only drank 2 beers! One before dinner and one with. (this may save me a lot of money in the long run too) LOL Around 815pm me and the kids went out for a walk in the dark. Maintained a brisk pace most of the time, and carried my 2yr old/"back pack" a majority of the way. Wore my new boots to help break them in. We went out away from our house for 30 mins and then walked back... So after 1 hour of 'working out' for the first time in forever I was a sweaty mess and my feet hurt LOL I then proceeded to drink 3 glasses of water (first taste of water in like 6 months) and passed out on the couch. This morning I have a tiny tiny blister on my right foot, and my theighs are a little sore... besides that, I feel Great! Forced myself not to drink a Mt Dew when I woke up and drank another glass of water... I am feeling good overall... Mt Rainier here we come! To Be Cont......
  11. The Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month 1)

    Thank you for the advice Hopefully I will not be buying the "big gear" for a couple of years or more...depends on when I feel I am up for the task.
  12. Daughter wants to climb, dad wants to drink beer!

    Thank you HighAngle, Your story motivates me even more!! Thank you for sharing I am trying everything I can think of to keep me pumped up... I know it will be a long road ahead for me... Posting here will help to keep me motivated. I will be posting "Part 1" of my journey in about 15 mins Thanks for the link Jon. Sadly we will go hiking this Saturday, but we also have a family commitment on Sat evening and I cannot get over to Levenworth... Great suggestion though.
  13. Daughter wants to climb, dad wants to drink beer!

    Wow, I am overjoyed with all the great ideas Kinda beats my Daughters idea of going to Mt Rainier each weekend and seeing "how far dad can make it" My daughter would love to do groups or clubs that promote this (and has climbed at the Warehouse Rock Gym in the past), but with all her darn Freshman Homework, and dailey Soccer Practice she has very little time except for the weekend and she wants dad and sis to be involved if possible... Sooooooo I have come up with a plan to do all the Things I Need To Do... I will post part one on the "Newbie" section a little later this morning... It will sort of be a Chronicle of what it takes to go from Beer Gut dad, to Mountain Climber. (I hope) I realize I have to start off slow, and will have to kick one habit at a time. It All Started Last night with a trip to the store....... (more to following later) ;)