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  1. [TR] Incredible Hulk - Positive Vibrations/Red Dih

    Badass. Awesome work.
  2. [TR] Mt. Conness - West Ridge 9/13/2009

    Awesome. Love that route. Hey Chimbo and all you other fine folks who frequent the CA forum here on CC: I'm trying to get a good Sierra thing going over at www.sierrajournal.com. Check it out and register for the forums if you dig it. Thanks!!!
  3. [TR] Cathedral Peak - SE Buttress 8/29/2009

    Yeah that route can be ridiculously crowded. During the week it's not too bad, but on a weekend during high season.... ooph. Those are some great shots! That whole area is fab. Try out Matthes Crest (south to north) if you're still around. Technically moderate, but WOW it's really cool.