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  1. Having Fundraiser need Speakers

    Hi CC.com addicts, i'm hosting a fundraiser for my Mt. Rainier climb in July. It will be my second foray into the sport after climbing Hood here in a couple of weeks and I plan to make a habit out of it. That being said, I signed up to climb with RMI for the American Lung Association and need to raise another $2,000! For the love of mountains and fresh clean air, I'm raising funds and have been offered the Next Adventure warehouse for my event tentative June 3rd in SE Portland, Or. I would like to show a montage and have a current climber or retiree come and speak about their adventures up Rainier and inspire the crowd to want to get out and on a mountain. If there is someone out there who loves the microphone or knows somebody who does, please contact me.
  2. Hi friendly folk. I climbed MSH lastyear and would love to go at it again with a friend this time. If you have extras I would be delighted to purchase them at face value. I live in the Portland area and have used Cascadeclimbers to purchase tix before so you can count on me not to flake on you. Gracias amigos.
  3. I am looking for one MSH permit for this weekend. Any old day will do. teresacollinslmt@gmail.com