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  1. I'm glad that they have given the bill some time and tried to get Republican support on the bill. Now that the Republicans have demonstrated that they aren't interested in passing any real health care reform, I'm glad the Dems have grown the cajones to pass it without them. There are a few sticky points in the bill as as, but the 95% that everybody agrees on shouldn't have to go down in flames over the fairly stupid 5% that remains.
  2. I made a website that provides free Trail Descriptions, Topo Maps, Point Weather Forcasts, Trip Reports, Outdoor Articles, Geolocated Photos, and such. It isn't stricly climbing stuff, but there is a decent amount of overlap. http://www.hikery.net Feedback is greatly welcomed as I'm still trying to make it the best little website I can. As an added bonus for signing up, I'll be giving away a $25 REI gift cards to a random hikery.net user and a second $25 card to whoever refered that user at the end of this month (aug 2009). Thanks in advance for looking!