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  1. Awesome work and play. The Leaning Tower group has come to mind so many times since our little reconnoiter up Dewar Creek a few years ago. Stellar!
  2. [TR] The Lions Head - Lion Tamer 7/9/2011

    Looks stellar! Went in there and up the standard 5-easy route from the Bonners Ferry/Smith Creek side several summers ago--super spot for sure. . .
  3. WTB-Silvretta Pure Brake

    Hello, I'm looking for some brakes to fit the Silvretta Pure binding. 80MM width would be ideal, but 90 or 100 might work too, if I can bend the wires. Thanks.
  4. Reduced again. Trade? Ldy Makalu, SuperG, Crispi

    Super-G's Sold.
  5. Reduced again. Trade? Ldy Makalu, SuperG, Crispi

    Prices reduced again. Added some trade interests. Thanks.
  6. Reduced again. Trade? Ldy Makalu, SuperG, Crispi

    Bump for lowered prices. Lady Makalu's $125, Super-G's $85, Crispi's $30. Shipping still included from Idaho, unless you're pretty close to Sandpoint/Bonners Ferry. Thanks for looking.
  7. Cleaning out the proverbial closet. I really need to get these out of the way. PM me or send an email to bonnersbonn at gmail dot com. Prices include USPS flat rate box shipping from Northern Idaho, unless you live near Sandpoint or Bonners Ferry. Paypal is preferred, but I'd take a check too and ship your boots after it's clear. Thanks! Anyone want to trade for a small women's down jacket, or some old X-15's or the like (I'd even go for one adze tool), some used strap or hybrid crampons? Some Voile three-pin mountaineers or classic cables? Some other trade combination? La Sportiva Lady Makalu boots--virtually unused--two to three trips. Euro size 40. Old-style with crampon compatible toe and heel. $175 Now $115 with shipping. Garmont Super-G Tele Boots. Pin holes are good. Some scuff marks. No holes. All buckles, straps, cuff locks, and cant lever adjustments are fully functional. Liners have lots of life still (I often used my Dynafit liners in 'em). Prefer my Liberos or Dynafits; these are going unused. Mondo size 27.5. $150 Now $75 with shipping. Crispi Plastic/Leather hybrid tele boot. Pin holes are good. All buckles functional. Liners are removable. Usual scuffs. No holes. I think the Euro size is 36 or Mondo 23. $50. Now $25 with shipping. Thanks for looking!
  8. BD Black Prophets for sale

    $100 bucks for the pair?
  9. Wow! Nicely done. Great photos and report--Inspiring. I had the story last evening from talking with Kale. This looks as good as it sounded.