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  1. One more step in the dumbing down of the Climber ! if you cant follow a trail, how do you people stay on route when on a climb ?
  2. Mystery train, Mountain Home road, Leavenworth

    LOL Question is, Who issued the travel permit that allowed him to travel past Castle Rock ?
  3. [TR] Prusik Peak - West Ridge 10/3/2010

    Best room in the house. Well done !
  4. Which 3?

    #1 Iron driver, putter and a 9 iron
  5. OMFG after your rant, now you will be the one with bad Karma
  6. Where has summer gone?

    So true Sol ! Now is the time to get out there
  7. billcoe, with out facts keep you fingers away from the key board, and stay down in pdx where the murder rate is higher.
  8. if your a city boy, then Seattle if you want to enjoy life, Leavenworth or Wenatchee area
  9. ?Rapping Snow Creek Wall

    OMG ! cant find the trail ? its not that hard and rapping, give me a break.
  10. [TR] The Mole - North Face 6/5/2010

    Made the same trip on the 4th & 5th last weekend. Thank You for kicking in some steps to the base of the route ! Time and wind seem to keep bring down more trees adding to the approach. The Snow has melted back, tent and camp spots are easy to find with pleanty of fresh water near by.
  11. Looks like you had a good time its a fun little hike, did close to the same route last fall, but gained the "Elf Ridge" from Coney after spending the night there with the kid.
  12. my new throne

    not to sure about Gerber being the best pressure flush, most all parts inside there tanks are made for them and others by Sloan, and Geber over time has some issues. When it comes to getting them to service there product. Briggs and American Standard are having some issues right now. American Std has been bought out and merged with Fiat and Crane, so there lines are going through some big changes. Kohler leads the industry in new designs and styles, along with customer service.
  13. my new throne

    Kohler is the way to go ! its the only thing we use at our house, love the slow close seat
  14. Troublesome Climbers, you know who you are

    Stanford should have popped a round at them !
  15. Shiny new bolt on Castle Rock

    Most Locals are smart and stay way from Castle. With 200 plus pitches last year and only one there (Clean Love) Im one of them. Leave Trad (old & new) routes alone. Replacing bolts on some older sport line is a good thing if needed. Leave it like the FFA did, if you cant climb to those stands STFU and Go back to Portland (or where ever) If you are dumb and add a bolt to any line (trad or Sport) maybe you need one in the middle of your forehead. There are so many climbs there, and it seems 90% of the climbers climb 4-5 of the routes thats it ! and its Sad, there are a few good lines there needing cleaned and "re-discovered" so a person can do them.
  16. Shiny new bolt on Castle Rock

    new bolt at Castle the Horror !
  17. Public Notice:

    Lance Man A very funny & true read.
  18. Leavenworth Rock

    Ditto what Lanceman says !
  19. R&R Hall of Fame (a thread for boner)

    T-Rex & Marc Bolan ! a big influnce on quite a few, and paved the way for many.
  20. might be early for Snow Creek, Icicle Buttress, Givlers, or any thing thats on that side of the road and south facing would be in better shape.