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  1. Classic Index moderates on the UTW?

    Okay then, thanks for the beta. I'll do it that way.
  2. Classic Index moderates on the UTW?

    What you have described has been on my mind for a long time! My plan was to head up some route on GNS, do Timberjack, Plum Pudding, then Waiting for the Sun...sounds awesome however you slice it. Plenty up there that I've never had a chance to do. I'll probably throw a rope over Thin Fingers on the way down. Another plan of mine is to do Princely Ambitions pitch 1 and 2, then Lamar's Trust. Does that top out the Lower Wall?
  3. 50% off at Second Ascent...

    I think like 2,500 people got one, if I'm reading the site statistics properly. I hope this doesn't put them into debt. I'm just as guilty as everyone else, though. I snatched that deal up like a warm slice of pie! Can't wait to use it.
  4. The "New" Mountaineers?

    Never mind.
  5. Classic Index moderates on the UTW?

    Thanks guys. Looks cool, I will have to check out some of these routes next time I get a chance.
  6. This years Tick List?

    Thin Fingers Breakfast of Champions City Park p2 Green Dragon Triple Couloirs Something by Liberty Bell Slesse NE Buttress
  7. good stuff for sale

    Are the snowshoes still available?
  8. Bad experience at Feathered Friends

    I went in to Feathered Friends today to ask about pitons and maybe buy one or two for aid climbing, mentioning that I'm a beginner at aid climbing and trying to get the appropriate gear. There are some routes at Index that can't be done without them that I would like to climb (for example, Snow White, an A3 route near Princely Ambitions with some mandatory piton moves.) So I asked about the difference between pitons and the sales assistant behind the counter went off on a tirade about how it's not okay to use pitons at Index and about how if I can't climb a route with hammerless aid, then it shouldn't be climbed at all. Overall, it was a very bad experience, the sales assistant was very unhelpful, and I would not want to go there again. I'll take my business elsewhere in the future. -Mark
  9. Cragging anyone?

    Weather looks fantastic tomorrow, is anyone interested in cragging at Index? -Mark
  10. [TR] Dragontail Peak - Cotter-Bebie 1/26/2011

    Looks fantastic...and terrifying! Great pictures by the way. -Mark
  11. Bad experience at Feathered Friends

    Eddie: thank you for the response. I agree with you here...what must not have been made clear, even though I stated it quite a few times at the store, is that the route in question has NEVER been done clean or freed. It is a nail-up route. There are at least 4 pitons in it right now; I guarantee that. If I saw someone hammering on City Park, I'd be angry too. But that's not the deal here. What I got wasn't advice. It was, frankly, a misinformed rant based on incorrect information- specifically that the route in question could be done any other way. I get that you and many others care about Index- so do I. I did my Eagle Scout project there because I wanted to contribute in a helpful way to our new climbing park. All I know is that the employees in Second Ascent and Marmot Mountain Works have always been very supportive and helpful and sincerely listened to what I have to say before passing judgment. -Mark
  12. Bad experience at Feathered Friends

    Yikes: I will have to take a look at that when I get home, thanks for the link! I wouldn't do it any other way. I won't even hook if the guidebook says to avoid it (e.g. Frog Pond)
  13. Bad experience at Feathered Friends

    It's in my plan to aid Iron Horse, Narrow Arrow Overhang, Stern Farmer, and some other clean aid routes before even attempting a hammer route. I just wanted to know the difference between Bugaboos, Lost Arrows, and knifeblades (still don't really get it that well...didn't get the best advice) and also I didn't/don't plan on leaving any pitons on Snow White if I do end up climbing it. I just wanted information. Also, Index is a fine place to practice hammer aid climbing...on established hammer aid routes. Not routes that can go free or clean aid, but things where hammer aid is required. I need to practice if I'm going to be climbing any walls this summer.
  14. Joint stress solutions?

    I recently started going to the climbing gym regularly instead of just an occasional trip. This has been causing joint pain, mainly in the shoulders but in the elbows a little bit as well. I have always had trouble with chronic stress injuries running as well, not sure if this is related or not. What are some likely causes of this and best ways to fix it? I started taking glucosamine supplements yesterday, any other non-homeopathic supplements to take, or even better, something like strengthening excercises? -Mark
  15. Joint stress solutions?

    Thanks everybody for the help. Your advice has been taken to heart. I'm taking a few days off and starting to feel better. -Mark
  16. climbing gyms

    Vertical World in Everett makes you lead a 5.9 to be certified. You don't have to do any kind of check before it. There are overhanging as well as vertical routes to lead there, actually. It's a pretty relaxed environment as far as climbing gyms go. I went in to get the lead check a couple weeks ago, and they told me I had to lead a 5.9, and I freaked...I hadn't been rock climbing since September, so I had the guy take me around the gym and show me all the 5.9 routes...I settled on the roof route because it had the biggest jugs. My forearms felt like they got shot when I was done, but it was great.
  17. Joint stress solutions?

    I usually go to the gym every 2 days for about 2 hours each. Tendon issues are likely; I have only been climbing about 2 years and I built up muscle mass very rapidly during certain parts of that. Shoulder pain is just aching for maybe 15-20 minutes after I am done or a little bit of strain when I am doing dynamic moves. Elbow is barely there, just a little bit of aching after 2 hours or so. I do work out in the weight room as well. My back is stronger than my front; my chest is significantly weaker than my upper back. (I'm working on it.) I've been trying to build shoulder muscle recently, this may have something to do with it or not. I don't know.
  18. [TR] Strobach - The Watchtower 1/8/2011

    Where is this? Unclimbed WI3 lines?! Should be sent listening to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WbKBKima4Q
  19. Frozen toes

    Every time I go ice climbing, without exception, I lose feeling in my toes. This is wearing 2-3 pairs of socks. I can't afford warmer boots. What's the best way to keep my toes warm? I've heard good things about aerogel insoles, does anybody here use them? -Mark
  20. Frozen toes

    Great! Next time I'm out that way I'll be sure to check them out. I'll let you know when I'll be headed to Leavenworth next.
  21. Rock or alpine

    The weather's great right now, but it's probably not going to last. I'd like to get out rock, aid, or alpine climbing this weekend, open to suggestions. PM me if interested. -Mark
  22. Rock or alpine

    Wish I had seen this before. I'm in Everett anyway, north of you guys (without a car), and I haven't been to Little Si before. How was it? If you want to do some climbing sometime, just send me a PM and we can work something out. I know Index pretty well, at least the easier climbs. -Mark
  23. Frozen toes

    Thanks for all the advice guys, I really appreciate it. I'll be sure to take this into consideration. When I bought the boots, I planned to use them for scrambling, I wasn't into climbing yet. They work great for that! But I'm now set up to buy a pair of plastics next time I'm in Leavenworth, so that should be a big help. I'll also get to use my old Salewa crampons that are more designed for ice climbing and see if they are any better than G-12s.
  24. REI Sucks

    that's funny - they likely could have sold it on eBay for more money than they received for a return I have some Chouinard hooks and carabiners...are they worth money for being old?
  25. Squamish partner situation

    I had the same experience this summer. I found some people to climb with in the Smoke Bluffs alone, but I spent a lot more time waiting than climbing. I'm sure that if you post for a partner somewhere you'll find one though. You can camp at the Chief campsite, there'll be a sign pointing towards it. $5 a night or if you're really cheap you can camp in the boulders, but it's not encouraged. -Mark