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  1. POT

    It's quite obvious which side is winning the argument, and also quite obvious that it was set up that way. If you use a stoned idiot to represent the face of the legalization movement, it will never pass.
  2. FS: Cams, biners, stoves, axe, sleeping bag, more

    This is just hearsay, but I heard something a little while ago about him guiding somebody for an extended period of time, possibly for some kind of guide training. Don't quote me on it though. -Mark
  3. Washington Pass Climbing Late June / Ealy July

    I'd like to head up there sometime, I've never been. I lead about 5.9 and can follow 5.10. I have a rope and a rack. You can PM me or call 425-387-5677 if that works for you. -Mark
  4. mid-week climbing

    Dan and others- feel free to give me a call anytime. I'm looking to get out to Darrington some more this season. -Mark
  5. I climb mostly at Index, and I've noticed that for the most part, people only do the same routes over and over again. There are some routes/areas I'd like to check out but can't find anyone to go with- we always end up just climbing Godzilla. I've got my eye especially on the Middle Wall, Upper Wall approach trail, and even some higher-up Lower Wall pitches. I move out at the end of this summer and I'd like to climb some of these routes before I go. Anyone interested? -Mark
  6. mid-week climbing

    I'd be open. I lead about the same level and would love to get out to Darrington some more. I have most days off, weekend or weekday. Tuesday or Thursday would probably work for me. -Mark 425-387-5677
  7. Found: Cam at Index

    I found a cam at the top of the second pitch of Great Northern Slab at Index. It wasn't placed, just sitting in the dirt. Tell me the brand and size and I'll send it back to you. -Mark
  8. Found: Cam at Index

    Might be! Thanks everyone.
  9. [TR] Index - Blues Cliff - Starfish (5.9) 6/4/2011

    Yes, that's what I'm referring to. What is the wall called and what other climbs are there? Salamander is not listed in the Index guidebook.
  10. Found: Cam at Index

    Yeah I'm a poor young climber. I was psyched to find that cam, but if I lost it, I'd be pretty appreciative if someone posted it on here, so I figured I'd do my good turn! It'll be at your house any day now.
  11. Don't poop on climbs

    I was at Index today, making the traverse from the bottom of Roger's Corner to the GNS area, and I smelled some definite funk. I was horrified to find my shoe coated in slimy brown diarrhea. This is an absolutely disgusting and selfish in an area with such high climber traffic. Go in the bathroom before you come or at least have the decency to go in the woods, a couple hundred feet away from any climbs. It's not that hard. -Mark
  12. Found: Cam at Index

    Nope. I posted it like this so somebody doesn't just say "Oh yeah I totally lost one of those..."
  13. [TR] Index - Blues Cliff - Starfish (5.9) 6/4/2011

    Salamander. That name sounds familiar. Is that a climb on the wall with the weed leaf on it?
  14. Moving things to college?

    I will be moving across the country for college (Troy, NY) and I would like to bring some of my larger/heavier stuff...what's the cheapest way to move 80+ pounds of climbing gear and various musical instruments across the country? -Mark
  15. Moving things to college?

    Thanks for your advice, I'll keep all this in mind. I think that I will bring all of my climbing gear, some clothes and a few belongings, and not much else. I figure most things I need I can get at Goodwill.
  16. Who was Paul Revere?

    The scary thing is that we vote dumbasses like her into office. Look at the results of the 2010 election.
  17. Aid/pin rack

    PM sent
  18. Moving things to college?

    I'll probably just leave my guitar here. Shouldn't be too hard to find someone at RPI, selling all their stuff to get out of the hellhole. I'm sure I'll find something cheap up there.
  19. Moving things to college?

    Thanks for the advice guys. It was a tough decision for me to make, but I figured that RPI is 3 hours from Boston, where I used to live, and I'd like to move closer to a place I know and like. Troy is a crappy city, admittedly, but that's okay- I really liked the campus at RPI. On the other hand, Golden is a great city, but I didn't feel like I'd be spending too much time on campus there. For the people that think I should transfer, the deadline for making a decision was May 1st. If I hate RPI, I'll apply to some other schools and transfer somewhere else, but I don't think that will happen. I've got a pretty good scholarship to there too. The Adirondacks are an hour from Troy. That's as close as any climbing is to me now in Everett. I know it's not Colorado, but there's still plenty of climbing to be done in the Northeast.
  20. Moving things to college?

    Well, it was this school or Colorado School of Mines, and I did not get a good feeling from the local people in Colorado...too many hippies, even less girls (believe it or not) and I have a few negative experiences with people from Colorado, but no positive experiences. Elaborate please.
  21. Moving things to college?

    Bad experience there? I'll transfer if it sucks.
  22. Edge of Pan: Squamish

    Way to go Marc! Glad to hear that route worked out, keep us updated if you redpoint!
  23. [TR] Squire Creek Wall - Slab Daddy 7/31/2010

    I want to do this route so badly. It looks amazing.
  24. Getting into Ice climbing...

    Being able to do 20 pull-ups is helpful. I find that alternating underhand and overhand pull-ups helps. Adding in knee raises can be beneficial as well as an abdominal workout. That's been my experience anyway, other people will obviously have different opinions.
  25. First Big Wall

    Wow, I've been on that "how to aid" guide for at least an hour now. Thanks for the link. I have one question that I haven't found yet. Say you're top stepping a piece and keeping daisies connecting to aiders so they don't fall off. Your daisy chain is stretching out under you. If you move onto the next piece and it blows during the transition, you take a daisy fall. This seems especially present to me when making a hook move above a bolt. However, if daisies are not kept connected to aiders, you risk dropping an aider and more time is sucked up clipping and unclipping with every piece. What is the best way to avoid this?