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  1. Squamish 7/13 to 7/20

    I'm in Squamish at the Chief campground, site 6. I'm up for climbing today through Wednesday, drop on by or leave me a note if you need a climbing partner.
  2. Good mountains to do solo

    I've had a hard time finding a reliable climbing partner for weekdays this summer, so I've just been driving out and hiking mountains solo. What are some good suggestions for straightforward routes (preferably scrambles) that can be done in a day? Mountain Loop Highway I hear is a good place to start (I'm in Everett).
  3. I'd like to check out a lot of routes in the Darrington area (Dreamer, Total Soul, Jacob's Ladder, and most of all Slab Daddy) but have had a difficult time finding someone who is willing to head up north to D-town. I know there are some guys on cc who love this place. I usually have Thursday and Friday off, but sometimes I have Saturdays as well. Have rope, rack, car, and don't mind going off the beaten path.
  4. Need partners for Darrington this summer

    That's me. PM sent
  5. Weekday partner

    I'm looking for Thursday and Friday partners for trad climbing. Hit me up if you need a partner
  6. Need partners for Darrington this summer

    Darrington Fridays is a terrific idea.
  7. Alpine/trad Thursday-Saturday

    I've got Thursday 6/13 to Saturday 6/15 off work, looking to climb something in the Cascades as I haven't had a chance yet this season. Weather looks nice on the East Side- was thinking of either an alpine objective or just a couple days of cragging around Leavenworth. Have rope, rack, and car, lead 5.10.
  8. relocated and need partners

    I'd also be up for pretty much any type of climbing. I'm in Everett until August 15th and currently have Thursdays, Fridays, and sometimes Saturdays off. I can lead 5.10, trad and sport, and I'm also up for alpine objectives. I have a rope, rack, and car. I'd like to go to darrington more this summer and possibly check out the NE Buttress of Slesse, but I'm up for almost anything. I also don't mind seeking out obscure routes or crags that might get overlooked. PM me if you need a partner.
  9. Yosemite last week of May

    I'm looking for a Yosemite partner for the last week of May. I was thinking of getting on some long free climbs (e.g. Royal Arches to North Dome) and possibly a wall as well. I climb around 5.10, I'm pretty open to possibilities in Yosemite though if you've got something in mind. I'll be driving down sometime around May 22nd, but I'm a bit flexible there. I could leave a couple days earlier or later. I have to pick my girlfriend up from San Francisco on the 30th but that's the only limiting factor really.
  10. Winter rock climbing Thursday

    I'm headed back to the east coast in a couple days and I'd like to get a day of rock climbing in tomorrow before I go. Cold, clear weather means sticky rock! I'd also be up for ice or alpine as long as it's feasible in a day.
  11. Lost Ice Axe near Stevens Pass

    I left my ice axe at the pullout to access Arrowhead Mountain, about 8 miles east of Stevens Pass. The axe is a Black Diamond Raven Pro. I'm a dumbass but I'd love to see this axe again.
  12. [TR] Squire Creek Valley - Waterfall Buttress 9/22/2012

    This place looks incredible. I've never seen a crack like that p3 variation in Darrington before. Hopefully I'll be able to check it out over the summer.
  13. Do I need to retire my ice axe?

    As a poor college student: Giant-ass rip in my pack from some marmot eating it at the base of Half Dome? Tape it, it's gonna fail someday but not until it's more tape than backpack. Drop my ice axe down a talus field (clang, clang, clang)? Well, still looks straight to me. Bottomed out an ice screw against rock? Maybe I'll be able to afford sharpening it at some point, but Cap'n Crunch for the next few weeks sounds pretty damn tempting. *sigh* One day...
  14. Best Way to learn how to Aid

    That was a ton of fun. Now you're a badass aid climber. I've gotta catch up!
  15. Best Way to learn how to Aid

    I'm at college with no access to aid climbing/nobody at my college aid climbs. I'd like to learn haul systems and following traversing pitches. What are some good ways to rig this using the stuff I can find around college? (trees, rafters, etc.) I suck at just reading about systems online and understanding them, but I want to come back and do El Cap this summer, so I need to get these skills down.
  16. New York climbing

    I know this is a long shot, but I'm looking for climbing partners in the Albany, NY area. Also looking for area-specific climbing forums to meet people. Despite going to college in the area for a year, I for some reason haven't yet gone climbing in the Gunks or Adirondacks. Any advice on good areas in the Dacks would also be helpful. -Mark
  17. New York climbing

    Thanks for the recommendations, guys! I'll try to get up there.
  18. Is that a cam up my ass?!!??

    It's because you posted in the "Newbies" section about a cam up your ass. C'mon man, how could you NOT think that would get sarcastic responses? Anyway, I like to rack smaller cams in front for the most part. My racking system is more complex than that and wouldn't make sense at quick glance, but I tend to need a piece faster oftentimes when I'm in a smaller size because I won't have a footjam holding me secure. Hence, smaller cams up front and quick to grab. This forum isn't THAT hard on newbies. I've only been climbing for 3 years and I've gleaned a lot of information from here. It's just the obviousness of your question- if you don't want to sit on a cam, move it. And no, you are not the only one who has sat on a 12-inch ledge, but it's pretty damn easy to get the cam out of the way before/after you sit on it. I've never really thought of it as any more than a minor inconvenience.
  19. Darrington 7/26

    I'd like to get out to Darrington before I have to head back to the East Coast, I haven't been out there yet this year. I was thinking either 3 O'Clock Rock or maybe something more elusive (Comb Buttress?) as another option. Have rope, rack, and car.
  20. Rock climbing 5/25 or 5/26

    Looking to head out rock climbing tomorrow, was thinking Index or Darrington. Have rope and rack, usually climb about 5.9 or 10-. -Mark
  21. This weekend

    If either of you guys don't have a partner, I just got back to WA and would love to go rock climbing Friday or Saturday, just shoot me a message and we can figure something out. -Mark
  22. Partner for Yosemite?

    I'll be going to Yosemite in a couple of weeks and I'd like to find someone to climb with. I'll be heading out of Monterey, CA to Yosemite probably around June 7th or so but don't have exact dates yet. I usually climb around 5.9 or 10- for reference, long trad routes are the best. This will be my first time in the Valley and would love to get on some classics or maybe some lesser-known gems. -Mark
  23. Hippies or pirates?

    Hippies smell like weed, grime, and incense Pirates smell like salt, filth, and liquor Climbers smell like sweat and success I'd say that hippies smell the worst. Mostly because of the pungent shit they use to cover up weed smell. It just stacks, really.
  24. what u do if you lose control while driving on ice

    My entire family almost got killed coming home from Leavenworth this weekend because a driver didn't know how to handle driving in the ice. Be careful out there!
  25. Winter rock climbing?

    Why is it that in the winter, people tend to head for the alpine instead of the crags? I've noticed that there are very few people who seem to be excited about the idea of a day spent rock climbing in winter when there is any chance of an alpine trip.