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  1. Is Mount Stuart Technicle?

    Even those pussy-posers at nwhikers have dialed into the fact that Josh doesn't listen, so why give the fucking genius advice? Maybe the poor bastard stupid enough to take Josh out needs to be taken outta the gene pool too. His buddy Mark says he "runs away!" LOL!!!! That's a fucking riot. Yah, some twit who does that will listen.
  2. Is Mount Stuart Technicle?

    Josh, do what the fuck you want. I have done more climbing than most of the young jackoffs on this site. Most of them are fueled by testosterone, and probably started off much like you.
  3. Is Mount Stuart Technicle?

    I don't see my opinion as any less valuable as the blue bags full of crap I see on this thread. You guise are meen mofos.
  4. Is Mount Stuart Technicle?

    All you stupid bitches need to leave Josh alone. He's a SIXTEEN YEAR OLD. Plenty old enough to be doing the shit he's doing. You fucking gasbags are just jealous cos you dint start as young as he did.