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  1. [font:Arial Black]La Sportiva Nepal EVO GTX Mountaineering Boot - SIZE 42[/font] Very good condition. Still has edges for mixed climbing. $220
  2. Winthrop is closed. This fire is devastating to Methow Valley. I just climbed Liberty Bell on Thursday, and Kangaroo Temple on Friday. By the time I got back to the cabin in Mazama after my climb on Thursday, the power was out. We were eventually evicted from our rental cabin on Friday. Point is: Washington Pass climbs should be fine this weekend. Just dont go east (i.e. Mazama, Wintrhop) for apres climb refreshment/lodging as the entire county is without power and essentially closed.
  3. Wow, sorry you didnt summit. What an ordeal going on up there. I think I saw you two arrving at camp. I was still cooking snow at the time. We didnt attempt because one party member's knees and not enough water. I did see the injured climber being escorted to the privy. We ended up playing leap-frog with the that family on the way down. Didnt know at the time, but when I asked them in the Paridise parking lot, the let me know. I think they were the one who'd brought as case of Rainier beer up to camp. Anyway, thanks for the report.