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  1. Endicott and Arrigetch

    Thanks, Dude! Yeh, someone just yesterday mentioned his name.
  2. Endicott and Arrigetch

    Wassup Climber Peeps? How U B?? I'm just wondering if any of you have gone into the Endicott Mountains or the Arrigetch Basin of the Alaskan Brooks Range. A friend and I are planning on flying up to Wiseman, Alaska (we live in Fairbanks) and doing a scrambly little number called Mt. Doonerak (Alaska Grade 1). There are several ways in and just wanting to learn any beta. I also would like to do some climbs in the Arrigetch Basin which looks so awesome, but just a lot of flying into the area. Has anyone tackled these peaks...they look like some stellar climbs. There may be a thread started, but I swear...I really did a search but I didn't find anything. THANKS Brudda's and Sistah's. WORD. -AK Marmot