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  1. Gloves for back country

    Black diamond Patrol glove
  2. Ice trip- Cody or Canmore?

    Are you guys unable to get CDN cash from your bank? Alberta has less taxes and cheaper gas (just a FYI) I personally prefer AB for ice since you can camp anywhere you want....
  3. This years Tick List?

    Fingerlicking good Leading edge Borderline Millennium falcon Great Game Jungle warfare Godforsaken land Centerfold Sunblessed
  4. WANTED: Ice Screw Up and Metolius PAS

    Might just be me, but a PAS isn't something I'd buy used.
  5. Bike Helmets?

    get this one: Grivel Salamander
  6. Squamish partner situation

    Ok, then you can camp for free on the mamquam FSR (left of the apron parking lot)
  7. Squamish partner situation

    There are message boards at the chief campground and at the bluffs parking lot. Will you have a vehicle?
  8. Need Some Help from a (former or current) Guide.

    It helps to take rock/crevasse rescue courses from guides so you learn the industry standards.
  9. Guiding as a Career?

    How do you know when a mountain guide is in the room? He'll tell you.
  10. Guiding as a Career?

    I am currently working towards my ACMG assistant rock guide certification as it is the stepping-stone towards alpine guide cert. I'm also doing my paramedic training as its a great part-time job, plus F/A skills are great to have.
  11. New Google Earth imagry in Wapiti Valley area

    Yeah, I can't really force myself to go to a place with mostly slab, from what I've heard, although I could be wrong. Im from the north island, no its not far away however...
  12. New Google Earth imagry in Wapiti Valley area

    Have you spent much time up there?
  13. better naked and wet?

    I had a First Responder instructor say it is worse to be in wet cotton than be naked.
  14. Squamish Weather

    weatheroffice.com is the most accurate. Its raining right now BTW