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  1. Long scramble route?

    Hey all -- mentoring a 12 yo boy, and have taken him out to small local crag a couple times. He has no outdoors background. I'd like to give him a sense of adventure by going up a long (several hundred feet?), scrambly/slabby, solid face. Really, 4th class or 5.0 would be just fine. Any suggestions, preferably south washington or north oregon? Thanks - EMS
  2. More on Horsethief Butte Fatalities

    I've climbed there a bit. There are (almost) no hangers/bolts there. Most people set TRs, with anchors built of 3+ pieces of gear. You ascend by, usually, scrambling up a backside, set your gear in cracks along the top, and hang a power-point over the edge to TR from. It's generally pretty safe. The Columbian article (quoting the WSP) said the 2 climbers were both attached to a single nut and/or each other (?!), and the nut failed when they put their weight on it. Which makes no sense to me. I'm trying to get more details, and will post if I do. - EMS