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  1. [TR] Mt. Rainier - Gib Ledges 2/4/2012

    Ha. I thought the same thing but didn't want to kill the buzz. Or to just seem bitter because while they were up there I was at home doing yardwork or whatever.
  2. Geologist Q&A about Mt. Hood

    Cool little Q&A with a geologist about volcanic activity and Mt. Hood, on Big Think.
  3. Hit by a rock on Rainier. Recovery?

    Yeah. Funny, a few minutes after posting I read what I wrote and thought: "That's a big rock to get hit with. Geez, see a physician, then perhaps a Physical Therapist." At least, that's how I would reply to myself. So I'm off to the doc tomorrow at 10a.m.
  4. I'm posting here on a whim. I may need to see a doctor. I was climbing Disappointment Cleaver two weeks ago—Sept. 5, early a.m.—and took a hit from grapefruit-sized rock. Plunked me just above the kneecap, in the muscle only, as far as I can tell. It hurt like a Charley horse but I gutted it out and summited(!). Didn't look too bad that afternoon when I changed out of my climbing pants, but it predictably swelled up that night. I iced it a few times and kept it elevated, but only after my wife reminded me to. Gradually, I've gotten my mobility back but here I am, two weeks later, still with a knot on my knee and lingering pain. I can walk but not run comfortably. I'm 43 and in good "weekend-warrior" shape physically. I've never been hit so hard. Looking for anyone with a similar experience with hard hits to soft tissue, especially the thigh. Should I expect a long recovery with this? Did you see a doctor or a sports therapist?
  5. lost a pair of grivel g-12's on Emmons Tuesday....

    Yikes. Tough place to drop your crampons...
  6. It was a full-sized keg. Respect!
  7. You could get *really* lucky and get stuck at Muir with a group that hauls up a keg of beer. That's how one crew passed the time up there last weekend. Fortunately, someone remembered the tap.
  8. Don't know about Emmons. Getting *to* Muir isn't an issue. Safely going beyond it? The weather and snow conditions have been so bizarre it's hard to plan. If you're looking at the Muir-DC/Ingraham route, summit traffic is only just resuming after 2-1/2 weeks. A group of three did summit on Sunday morning, taking a pretty unconventional line on Ingraham, which shows no signs that a big avalanche ever occurred—it's all snowed over and windblown, like someone hit the "reset" button up there. After baking in on Sunday, and the favorable report from the rangers that afternoon, I'm guessing groups climbed yesterday and this morning. But to ask today how it's going to be on June 20? Given the fickle conditions so far this month, you won't have a good answer until the weekend.
  9. Avalanche on Rainier?

    I have a Rainier climb planned for June 12-13 (RMI) and have my fingers crossed for better weather. Went for a training climb to Muir last Friday but given the conditions adjusted the goal to Pan Point. Lots of wind and drifting snow once we crested the hill there. An RMI group was coming down and said avalanche threats prevented a summit. Saw an RMI group marching up and felt awful for them. The conditions were miserable, and they must've known they'd get no farther than Muir. The weather is supposed to be bad all this week. More than a little worried that my trip's in jeopardy, even though it's 12 days away.
  10. Mt. Rainier Cell phone coverage

    I planned a Muir trip on Sunday and turned back @7200 feet because the visibility was so poor. Could hear voices of folks wandering around, but it was rare to actually see anyone more than 10m away. Spent most of trip down alternating glances at my foot placement and the GPS screen. Figured as much about the 911 calls when the phone says "no service." But I've never had the guts (or cause) to test it out. Still. Cell coverage in a crevasse at 9,700 feet. I'd love to know more about that glide crack if anyone has any reports. This is the first I've heard of it.
  11. Mt. Rainier Cell phone coverage

    While they may have been out-of-town climbers not wanting to waste their travel window (I have no idea), you should know that Quebec's mountain winters are notoriously brutal. 70 mph winds and 0 F? Meh. Of course, the Laurentians (or wherever they go winter climbing) don't have the altitude, crevasse danger, disorienting whiteouts, and terrain of Rainier. Who knows what they were thinking, going up there. But they were incredibly lucky to be able to reach help, use their gear, stay out of the elements, and have experienced, skilled rescuers available to guide them down. Back to the cell phone coverage, though. Seriously, what's up with that? I live in Seattle, have AT&T and an iPhone, and my service cuts out at Ashford. I don't think I could even make a 911 call. I'm very conscious of that when I'm up there. Anyone else have similar cell coverage? Or better?