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  1. Roping up for Glacier Travel

    I guess it was my misinterpretation. The guy way sayingthat a 70m rope was too long for two guys, and you should cut it in half by coiling it up on each guy. I took it to mean you need a shorter rope and I thought, well shit, why dont' i just get a smaller rope. REI had a 8mm dry rope 30 meter that said alpine on it, i thought it sounded like the ticket. I'm still not through freedom of the hills yet--need to keep reading. thanks for the advice!
  2. Roping up on Shasta

  3. where can we crash if camp 4 is full?

    hahah. i love it. sounds like you guys have done this before
  4. Car with trunk full of gear stolen

    sorry man. may the degenerate scumbags who stole it get caught and you get your stuff back
  5. 8mm rope belay

    i just got an 8mm rope and tried using a 6mm prusik and it doesn't work that well just messing around at home--do i need to go to a 5mm?
  6. Videos for newbies

    thanks man
  7. I say good for him, and fuck all these douchebags politicians giving him a hard time for not being glued to a cell phone for 4 days. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090623/ap_on_re_us/us_sc_governor_where SC governor to return to work after mystery trip AP COLUMBIA, S.C. – South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford will cut short a secretive Appalachian Trail hike and return to work Wednesday after revelations he'd been gone for four days with no contact with his staff, wife or state leaders. "Governor Sanford called to check in with his chief of staff this morning," Sanford spokesman Joel Sawyer said Tuesday in a statement. "It would be fair to say the governor was somewhat taken aback by all of the interest this trip has gotten. Given the circumstances and the attention this has garnered, the governor communicated to us that he plans on returning to the office tomorrow." The Republican governor hadn't spoken with his staff since last Thursday. He left the state on what Sawyer called a routine post legislative vacation to unwind. His absence left fellow state leaders scratching their heads. The lieutenant governor couldn't figure out where Sanford was. Calls from a state senator and close friend rolled to voice mail. Even his wife said she hadn't talked to him for several days. The explanation came late Monday night from his spokesman: The second-term chief executive was hiking along the Appalachian Trail "to kind of clear his head after the legislative session." The Republican governor left town on Thursday, Sawyer said, with plans to hike the trail, which passes through 14 states but not South Carolina. Sawyer said he didn't know where exactly Sanford was along the 2,200-mile route and declined to discuss if anyone was hiking with him. "He's an avid outdoorsman," Sawyer said. "Nobody's ever accused our governor of being conventional." He left a couple of days after the Legislature adjourned after overriding his 10 vetoes and winning a court battle to force Sanford to request $700 million in federal stimulus cash. While other governors eagerly gobbled up federal stimulus money to fill budget holes, Sanford has railed against President Barack Obama's $787 billion bailout package. It left him dealing with protests at home, where educators predicted massive teacher layoffs without it. Sanford, who's also chairman of the Republican Governors Association, wanted to use it only to pay down debt. His absence has drawn more criticism. Some questioned who was in charge of South Carolina if he couldn't be reached. The National Guard and the state's top law enforcement agencies report to him, said Senate Minority Leader John Land, D-Manning. Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer said he'd been rebuffed by the governor's staff when he tried to find out where Sanford was and had not been put in charge in his absence. "I cannot take lightly that his staff has not had communication with him for more than four days, and that no one, including his own family, knows his whereabouts," said Bauer. Sawyer said if there was an emergency, the office would consult with other state officials before making any decisions. "We knew he would be difficult to reach, and that he would be checking in infrequently," Sawyer said in a statement. But Carol Fowler, chairwoman of the state Democratic Party, said the governor was "irresponsible" for being inaccessible. "I don't begrudge the governor vacation time," Fowler said Tuesday morning. "But they need to make certain their duties are taken care of while they're gone." Jenny Sanford said Monday she had not spoken with her husband for several days, including Father's Day. The Sanfords have four sons. "He was writing something and wanted some space to get away from the kids," she told The Associated Press while vacationing at the family's Sullivans Island beach house. A message left for her wasn't returned after the governor's hiking plans were disclosed. "It's one thing for the boys to go off by themselves, but on Father's Day to leave your family behind? That's erratic," Land said. "And when those officials can't get in touch with the commander, it's really weird. That's not responsible." Sanford is known for taking walks and runs without security, but flight logs show he seldom leaves the state without it. His security team wouldn't comment. And Sanford's office normally makes no secret of time he spends on vacation or out of state. Sen. Jake Knotts, a Lexington Republican and a persistent Sanford critic, said the state needs to know where its governor is. "The way things are in the world today and homeland security, we need the governor to be fingertips away," Knotts said. ___ Associated Press Writers Bruce Smith in Sullivans Island and Michael R. Baker in Raleigh, N.C., contributed to this report. (This version CORRECTS Corrects spelling of Lt. Gov.'s name to Andre not Andrew.)
  8. [TR] Mt. Shasta - H/W ridge 6/23/2009

  9. Health care

    Its tough love Buddhism. hahahahaha. Cheers mate
  10. Health care

    Preface: I am NOT a Republican Topic: Health Insurance Facet: If 50% of American families want it, 50% of American families need to fucking pay for it. No more whining. No freebies unless you are legitimately disabled. Don't like your lot in life? Life is hard sometimes. Have some personable accountability and make a change for the better. Stop being a liberal moocher shitstain and expect the government to bail you out--we only do that for multi-million dollar corporations run by white collar criminals. Solution: CUT the medic-aid system for all people who are not legitimately disabled, EXPEL all the illegals driving up our health care premiums presenting at the ER saturday night with non-emergent issues, and allow taxpayers to buy whatever kind of health insurance they want.
  11. Governor says fuck it, and leaves for the mountain

    I totally agree that private should be private. I also think that guys (politician or not) who fuck around on their wives (who are not in some kind of swinging relationship) are scumbags with no moral compass. She's a bitch? doesn't fuck you anymore? you don't love each other anymore? whatever. Been there. Be a fucking man, do the honorable thing and leave her before you start carrying on another relationship. /end preach
  12. Governor says fuck it, and leaves for the mountain

    Damn. I have to adjust my previous statement. Apparently there is more to this story. lol. WTF is it with these politicians all fucking around on their wives. What great leaders we have.
  13. so jealous of this statement
  14. Hi, Longtime reader, first time poster. I recently got a deal for a brand new Marmot Couloir 0Deg Long and a brand new Marmot Pinnacle 15Deg Long 800 Fill Down bag for $500 total. It was a great deal for sure, but I'm beginning to wonder if the bags are redundant seeing as they are so close in temperature ratings. For those of you with more experience on the Cascades--should I sell one of these bags for a -20 or if I plan to climb Many 14ers and possibly even Denali at some point in the future? I was thinking I might keep the Pinnacle for 3 season backpacking and getting a -20 for summer and winter mountaineering.
  15. where can we crash if camp 4 is full?

    yeah the rangers in yosemite are dicks. i dont look like a dirtbag and i got hassled on a vehicle stop on the valley floor. this female cop was playing detective and asking what my buddy and i had in the paper bag sitting in between us in my truck. lol. it was shit to make smores and we both laughed at her when she asked. it pays to follow the rules in the park
  16. Cover Your Bean!

    im sorry to hear about your friend. Firefighters told me my helmet saved my life a few years ago when i crashed my mtb and took the helicopter to the er. i wont take a piss without my helmet
  17. where can we crash if camp 4 is full?

    dude. get to camp 4 after dark and just pitch tent. at 7am go get in line. its that simple. no rangers come at night. its totally fine ive done it a million times
  18. I have a FF Volant Jacket as a belay/at night after stopped jacket, but its much too warm to climb in. I have a North Face Nuptse vest I use to climb and its great for keeping my core warm while allowing my pits to vent insteal of wearing a softshell. I just bring this vest, a baselayer and an Arcteryx hardshell instead of bringing a softshell. Curious in hearing others opinions!
  19. ..........so basically some of you DO climb in a down vest. Cool
  20. Mono Lake Recesses TR

    <--Newb Training for Shasta this winter. We went up to about 11k in the mountains near Lundy Lake (Near Mono Lake). Quite an adventure. I took a spill tele-turning down scree fields, snapped a trekking pole. I popped my thermarest and slept on a cold rock. I didn't wear warm enough clothes, so everything i brought was worn in the 15 deg bag. I wasn't comfortable or warm, but I had an awesome time. pics by request.....
  21. Down Clothing Layer Question

  22. Down Clothing Layer Question

    link didn't work. i will post a tr tomorrow