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  1. Gear Closet Sale

  2. Stolen!!! Climbing Gear

    we can only hope they go climbing with your shit and die.
  3. ***FS Feathered Friends Eider Sleeping Bag***

    ive got a boner for FF. too bad its not a long (the bag that is) hahahaha
  4. Looking for a sleeping bag

  5. Gear Closet Sale

    Alpine Bivy SOLD
  6. Gear Closet Sale

    Forgot to mention. Thermarest has tiny hole that was patched with same color thermarest patch kit. Have slept on it after. work 100% no leaks.
  7. Gear Closet Sale

    The picks honestly not that bad, i just filed it for better performance on mixed. It still climbs ice fine. Trekking Poles SOLD Cookset SOLD Pocket Rocket SOLD Pins SOLD Hexes SOLD ATC Guide SOLD BOTH Gear Slings SOLD FIFI SOLD BIVY SOLD FLUKES SOLD STILL AVAILABLE Aztar Boots Thermarest Aiders
  8. Gear Closet Sale

    Pins SOLD Cookset SOLD Pocket Rocket SOLD Trekking Poles SOLD
  9. Comes with original leash, blue ice pick. i tried to grind the pick high one night and fucked it up--you'll want a new one. The tool has only been used 4 times though--bought new last year for $220. Taking into consideration you'll need to buy a new pick, I'm selling for $125. chrisNOSPAMconnolly@hotmail.com. I take paypal
  10. Bought Last Year. Only taken out 3 times. Never Washed. Always used a liner--doesn't smell. Like New. Stored fully lofted in humidity controlled closet. New $450. I'm asking $300. Comes with original stuff sack and storage sack. chrisNOSPAMconnolly@hotmail.com. I take paypal.
  11. Purchased last year. Only been out 4 times. Color Black. Event Fabric with Snap on Hood. This thing has been SUPER-babied. SUPER puffy. Stored on a large suit hanger fully lofted. Never Washed. (doesn't smell). Comes with original stuff sack. Size XL. $399 New. I'm asking $260. chrisNOSPAMconnolly@hotmail.com.
  12. FS BD Bibler Eldorado

    Only been out 4 times. Dried after every outing. Stored in dark closet with proper humidity. Excellent Condition. No tears, mold, etc. Comes with optional vestibule. $700 New. I'm selling for $450. Comes with all stakes, poles. chrisNOSPAMconnolly@hotmail.com. I take paypal.
  13. WTB Ice Tools

    Not too beat up. Nomics/Cobras/Vipers/Quarks. What have you got? chrisNOSPAMconnolly@hotmail.com
  14. WTB Ice Tools

    DELETE. I just picked up the Nomics.
  15. WTB Ice Tools

    I know, I've REALLY been eyeing those. They're basically the same thing as the "new ones" What they're calling a spike on the new one looks worthless. I might just pick these up.
  16. I'm a Large.
  17. One more way to die- Petzl strings

    always appreciate review of safety info. thanks
  18. [TR] Mount Shasta - Avalanche Gulch 6/13/2010

    awesome pics. thanks
  19. My buddy Anthony and I climbed Shasta this past weekend. It was his first 14er and he summited on his first try. This was my 3rd time on the mountain-the first 2 attempts resulting in failure for various reasons not within my control: one trip a party member became ill with severe AMS and I had to solo-escort him and all his gear down, the other--a solo trip because my partner flaked last minute-- I was turned back by t-storms at Helen Lake right at the end of the season when the last of the snow had melted out. Defeated by Mother Nature, I had to wait 7 months for another shot. This year the snow-pack was at 150% and we had a beautiful 2 days with clear skies and light winds. It hadn't occurred to us, until we started seeing cars lined down Everett Memorial WELL before the parking lot, that Memorial Day would turn Mt. Shasta into Disney Land. We took Green Butte Ridge and cut over towards the top of Avy Gultch to avoid the circus; I counted at least 60 people heading up the Gulch for the Summit. Some shit for brains teenager with no sense of self-preservation rode an inner tube down a super low-angle slope on Green Butte from about 11k ft with snow shoes on his feet--probably hit 50 miles an hour all the way to 50/50 before he cheese grated and didn't move for about 5 minutes. I've climbed several peaks in the High Sierra and done a lot of more technical ice/rock/mixed stuff at lower altitude, but it felt good to finally climb Shasta after several failures. The specs are people welcome to mountaineering Anthony. hahaha
  20. Basic ice rack

    smart man
  21. Belay jacket review part 1

    Dane, i have a Volant with a hood. Trust me. You should get one to review. Its an oven. I will NEVER sell this jacket
  22. My partner flaked. Let's leave tuesday. I have the whole week off work. Pm me