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  1. Conditions for Lee vinning

    The approach is well packed. No snowshoes required as of last weekend.
  2. Conditions for Lee vinning

    I was out on Chouinard Falls yesterday. It has a few lines, mostly center and left. The far left was a bit thin but climbable. I didn't climb on the main wall, but Spiral Staircase was being climbed. It may only have been the first pitch. It looks like Main Line could be in too, but no first hand knowledge. Out at June Lake on Sunday, the roadside ice was in fat:
  3. Four BD Express Screws for $90

    PM sent. I'll take them if kublaicon decides not to buy them.
  4. I have two Rainier climbing permits for sale. The are unsigned and good for the rest of 2009. After buying them I got on a climb with a group who already had permits. Normally they are $30, and I'm selling them for $15 apiece. I posted this in the permit exchange forum a few weeks ago (and bumped twice), but I got no action at all. Sorry if it's in the wrong spot.
  5. I have two 2009 Rainier climbing permits for sale. They are blank, just need your name filled in. I'm selling them because I joined a group for a Rainier climb this weekend who already have permits. Face value is $30 each. Forum rules say I need to sell them for face? I bought them from a guy on summitpost for $15 each, so it seems wrong if I sell them for more than that.
  6. Looking for glacier climbing partner(s)

    PM sent. I too would really like to get up Kautz or Emmons.