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  1. Marmot Helium +15

    I've got a nearly new marmot helium, regular length left zip bag that I just never use. It's had 5 nights of use, Pertex shell, 800+ fill. $250 located in Kent.
  2. Mammut Smart Belay and Wild Country Friends

    Friends in size .5 and 1.5 have sold
  3. Mammut Smart Belay Device, used once - $20 Wild Country Friends - $35 each- sizes .5, 1.5, and 2.5. ALL SOLD Items are located in Kent, WA w
  4. Nice work! You had much better weather than we did! Was up there this weekend with our summit attempt on Saturday. We got to the summit block, attempted the 5th class variation and decided to bail due to wet rock from the rain and high winds we got pounded with. The Crystal Pass bridge is still in tact, but I can't imagine it will last much longer. Not sure where the route will go once it's gone.
  5. Packs for SALE

    Bumping these up. Both are just sitting in my closet
  6. Packs for SALE

    MHW Diritessima 46 $75 - comfortable pack and in good shape. One draw string does have the outer sheath sort of coming off. REI Aries 35 $35 - near perfect except for the raccoon hole on the underside of the top pocket. Other than that it's barely ever been used Both packs are located in Kent, WA
  7. Glacier Peak in August

    Hey Sorry for the late reply. Doesn't look like I'll be able to turn this upcoming weekend in to a 3 day to do the climb. Hope you find a partner!
  8. Glacier Peak in August

    Hey neighbor to the north! I could possibly interested. Have you decided on when yet? How many days do you plan to take for it?
  9. Looks like a great trip! Care to share route details, my boss would be super interested in this
  10. Trip: Mt Baker - Coleman Deming Date: 6/14/2014 Trip Report: The weather last weekend was iffy at best, but our team of three made the best of it. We hiked up to some already established and dug out sites Saturday afternoon, with plans to summit Sunday morning. With zero view of the mountain early in the morning, we decided to give it a go after packing up everything but the tent Sunday morning as the weather briefly cleared around 6:30. It was a quick decision, but a good one. We followed a well established boot path and partially wanded route all the way to the summit, arriving at noon, being the 2nd party (that we know of) summiting for the day. We quickly returned to camp where we were greeted with winds and snow, tore down the tent, packed up and headed home. Approach Notes: Heliotrope Ridge trail is mostly melted out and there is a well established boot path up the mountain, with several different camp areas dug out up on the Coleman glacier
  11. Super cool! Sunday was awesome over there.
  12. Packing for multi-day trips, guru advice.

    Packs with minimal pockets provide fewer places to stash small items that add weight and bulk. My favorite pack that gets used 95% of my trips whether one night or multiple nights is the MHW Diritessima 46. It packs and carries a variety of loads really well and doubles equally as well for daypack use since it can be stripped down.
  13. Your other hobbies...

    Like many, I've got a large list too. A lot of it stems around who is available to do what. Biking - mountain and road, most my road riding is commuting though Running Hiking/Backpacking Fishing Hunting Snowboarding Wakeboarding
  14. Great looking trip! Can't wait for my trip down there next month
  15. Usage at CC.com in decline

    As a long time lurker and extremely rare poster, I love coming to read the TR's here. I'm not a very good climber, and tend to hike/backpack more than climb (along with a laundry list of other activities), but enjoy the very few climbs I do a few times a year, which is more due to lack of partners. (guess i should find new partners) I personally enjoy seeing pictures and reports of any kind. I don't mind if there is a blog link, but a short post with a few pictures needs to be here for me to want to go to your link usually. I certainly hope reports continue to be posted, and when I do get out on a climb I'll try and contribute what I can. I think for most people (me included) we figure the easier or less exciting climbs aren't worth posting about here as they don't measure up to some of the amazing trips and expeditions some people go on.