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  1. Camalots and TCUs for Sale - $20 each

    All Camalots have sold. TCU's still available.
  2. Camalots and TCUs for Sale - $20 each

    Some Camalots have sold. The TCUs, a #.5 Camalot, and the #1 Camalots are still available.
  3. Hey, I have some older Camalots and TCUs for sale. $20 each, OBO. PM me! TCUs: Metolius #0 - x2 Metolius #1 - x1 Metolius #2 - x2 (1 is a Wired Bliss equivalent with softer aluminum. Aid on!) Metolius #3 - x1 Camalots: #.5 - x1 #.75 - x1 Sold #1 - x2 #2 - x2 Sold #3 - x3 Sold
  4. wifi in 11worth?

    That's exactly what I meant. It is best to hydrate after a long day of climbing with the finest of glacier waters this state has to offer.
  5. wifi in 11worth?

    McDonald's parking lot. Not the best pub, but it has cheap beer and free wifi...
  6. Index Or leavenworth

    Hey, weather is bad for alpine and partners bailed. Would like to go to Index or Leavenworth for the weekend. Will lead 5.9 or 10 at Index or 5.10 at Leavenworth. If Leavenworth, I want to climb the Mole and Shrew if not cragging, if Index, Princeley and GM/Heart of the Country (or go to Private Idaho, or Aid at the UTW/climb davis holland). I have rack and rope but no car. I am from Seattle and have plenty of gas money. Let me know if you are free.
  7. Found a Petzl Elios helmet on the approach trail to the Spring Mountain crags yesterday (6/27/2010). I am in Seattle if you want to pick it up.
  8. I have recurring shoulder dislocation issues as well and am really hesitant to get anything done about it. I have heard that although they can "tighten up" your shoulder so it will not dislocate as easily, there is a risk that you can lose range of motion. Anyone know how big of a risk this really is? Was I just told unfounded hearsay? I would hate to not be able to move my arm above my head... not very conducive to climbing. Thanks.
  9. Even better; shouldn't this be in the "Rock Climbing" (i.e. craging) forum...?
  10. Above GNS

    Ha Reid, was just about to ask that as well. So has anyone weighted any of gorilla's bolts recently?
  11. The Cave at 38. Dry?

    Thanks fellas. I had a feeling everything would leak. Worth a try though.
  12. The Cave at 38. Dry?

    Anyone know if the cave off the Mt. Washington trail at 38 stays dry when it's raining? I know the chains are outside of the roof but there have been fixed draws so you can lower wherever. Would be nice to get out... or in.
  13. Wire Bliss relaunch

    Well, this gives me confidence. I've got an old wired bliss on my kick ass craigslist rack! Still helping me get up stuff!
  14. LaSport Muiras sz43

    PM sent. I have some 5.10 Anasazi Verdes size 42. Let me know.
  15. Oh yeah! Way to make it happen! It was great watching you guys drop in (and then see you each in one piece coming out of the hidden couloir). Who said skiing is faster than walking?... Way to hit it under perfect conditions. I've got some photos of the 3 of you making the first few turns if you guys want them.