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  1. FS: Clothes, Gear, etc. in NEW CONDITION

    pm sent on gri gri.
  2. Hexes, Nuts, Screws, Boots & Gloves

    pm sent on boots (Arctis)
  3. whats left, ice axe, other stuf

    pm'd regarding the Ice Axe.
  4. Cams, Screws, Axes, Biners and a lot more

    pm'd about slings.
  5. good stuff for sale

    pm sent re: watch and snowshoes
  6. FS: La Sportivas Baturas + More

    Sent pm re: Marmot Jacket and pants
  7. For sale - Tent, jackets, sleeping bag, boots, etc

    Sent pm re: Rab jacket & helmet.
  8. sent pm regarding jacket & boots.
  9. FS: Mountain & Hiking boots, rock shoes

    sent pm re: mythos.
  10. Need a good 50+ mile route

    These are fantastic ideas, I really appreciate the time and thought put into them. I'm researching several of these ideas and may pm several of you for contacts and additional info. Thanks again. Any additional thoughts or ideas are still welcome.
  11. Need a good 50+ mile route

    I have a group of around 10 16-18 yr old Venture Scouts who want an adventure in the North Cascades. I don't know the North Cascades very well but can't wait to get out there. I have some requirements but I was hoping to use some of the CC expertise to help me find a suitable route for my boys. I just need some ideas that I can research. If you know of good resources to look at, please share that as well. Requirements: 1. At least 50 miles 2. A lake/s to fish at 3. A peak/s to climb 4. A route that has at least one portion requiring some technical skill (a lead climb or a rappel) 5. Would like it to be remote (prob goes without saying) The boys: Our crew climbed Mt. Rainier last year, so they are pretty tough boys. One or two of the boys will slow us down. There's a possibility they may need to find a way around requirement #4 but hopefully not. Thanks in advance for any input here.
  12. pm'd on the crampons.
  13. Mountaineering and ice boots for sale

    pm sent on scarps.
  14. Nothing fancy, just need a couple retired ropes so I can cut them up and teach boys preparing for mountaineering how to tie knots. I live in the Monroe, WA area. Hoping for free but I can pay a little too. Need them before tomorrow night. Thanks.