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  1. Hey Folks,


    Just wanting to get some opinions on the Mazamas Advanced Rock Climbing class (i.e., trad class). I'd like to hear everyone's opinions? Have you taken it? What are the pros and cons? Would one feel competent to put up some moderate trad pitches afterwards? I've been sport leading for awhile and have increasingly been feeling the desire to get into the trad world. That said, I've pretty much failed at finding a good mentor to take me out consistently.


    I really have no preconceived notion about the Mazamas or the class and just came across the class the other day. It's something like 350 for Mazamas and 390 for non-Mazamas. I know the AMGA 2-days at Leavenworth are something like 1100 bucks.


    That's it....just want some info/thoughts/rants/etc.




    Oh yeah...not sure if this is the right forum...move as necessary.

  2. does anyone have an update as to what's going on with the access fund or negotiations w/ the railroad? obviously it's still closed...i just haven't heard anything since the may discussion above.