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  1. Hood Climber falls 200ft

    Does anyone know exactly what happened. Glad he will live..
  2. Conditions on Hood SS?

    Looking for a update on SS conditions. I am planning on going up Saturday - Sunday. I am kind of worried about the sudden heat wave. Does anyone see this as being a problem or am I just being ridiculous.
  3. Conditions on Hood SS?

    Thanks for the info. I'll be up there tomorrow. Probably setting up camp below the triangle on the rocks. Hopefully Sunday is the day.
  4. Conditions on Hood SS?

    Just spoke with a guide service on the mountain and they aren't sending any parties up today. Also, this past week they haven't sent anyone above 10K. Conditions look to be improving for Saturday and Sunday. My group is still driving down Saturday morning and camping at Triangle Moraine or I-rock. Weather permitting, we will summit on Sunday.
  5. Conditions on Hood SS?

    Anyone know what the conditions are looking like for this weekend? Is it worth driving from Seattle to attempt it?
  6. Mt. Hood - Cooper Spur late may

    Yes, I think we are going to take our time and enjoy it. So we will pack our tent and lug it up with us. Thanks for the info.
  7. Mt. Hood - Cooper Spur late may

    I'm looking to climb Cooper Spur in late may. I climbed the Southside last year and I'm looking for a less traveled route. I'm a newbie with the summits of Rainier and Hood under my belt. I've done some research on this route and it sounds like its not wise to descend it. Is it wise to be roped up on ascent depending on conditions? Is route finding relatively easy? We are planning on camping near tie in rock. Any other recommendations? Thanks.
  8. Advice Climbing Hood Southside 05/15-17

    Thanks for the pics.. What time do you recommend leaving camp for the summit?
  9. Advice Climbing Hood Southside 05/15-17

    Highlander, what route did you take when you camped at I-rock? If we do camp at I rock should we ascend to the left of crater rock or traverse below crater rock and ascend from there? We want to the SS old chute route.
  10. Advice Climbing Hood Southside 05/15-17

    Thanks for the pics Highlander.. Is that little dot on the third pic the notch you are speaking of Ivan? It looks like a tent in there.
  11. Advice Climbing Hood Southside 05/15-17

    Ha Ha.. Will do..
  12. Advice Climbing Hood Southside 05/15-17

    Sounds like this past weekend was pretty bad with the icefall. Good thing we didn't go.. We are planning for next Monday and Tuesday. We are planning on camping, any advice on where to camp above palmer? Would like to be out of the wind, but most of the times thats not possible. It will be probably crowded this weekend, but hopefully Tuesday will be manageable.
  13. I'm thinking its not looking so hot for this weekend, the weather is suppose to be sunny, but the avy danger looks fairly high. Weather report is calling for another ten inches of snow this week with the FL at 7000. Friday and through the weekend is calling for a warming period, FL at 12300.
  14. Hood SS this weekend. Is OK?

    Good luck man. Take some picture while your up there. I'll be going up there with a group of 3 on the 17th.
  15. Just curious on the chute conditions and the trail conditions. Thanks