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  1. Hello, I have a I-tent vestibule that I do not need. Never used I think. Make me an offer. Gary 360- 263- 2413 SW WA
  2. Snow stakes - snow pickets?

    Listen to Chris. Rocks are bomber and available at most locations. I take a FEW stakes, a couple small lite stuffsacks,ect. Peace of mind comes from colasping the tent and covering with a couple large snow blocks. I have also been known to to pile a couple large rocks inside on my foam mat when leaving for the day.
  3. Ranger shot at Mt Rainier NP - not good

    This is so tragic on so many levels. I did not know Margeret,but met her quite a few times. Standing out in the cold always she always had a warm smile for everyone. The world is a colder place with her absence. I was one of the people held in lockdown up at Paradise for 16 hrs yesterday. I can not over state my admiration and appreciation for all of the park personell from the rangers to the food concession workers and the many volenteers. Law enforcement also needs a great thanks for keeping us safe in a difficult situation. Lastly, human nature really shined during our stay at "Paradise Hilton".Everyone was very kind and considerate. It can be hard at times to see any good coming from this, but I think it has already started. A memorial climb, a fund for the family, it is up to us. A spark has been struck for a beacon hope and rememberence. Kapman
  4. Unplowed Sno-Parks - Report them!

    Hey it worked! I was getting a cup of Joe in the Cougar store on the 23rd and in walks the plow driver! He was bitching about all the complaints that Olympia received! Good work brothers and sisters of the dendrite brigade! Both lots were fully plowed when we came back down about 2 PM. To bad he did not do it earlier so the layer of ice could have melted off. So check this out! A snowmobiler in WA state pays a $35 registration fee and gets a sno-park permit free! A antique snowmobile, ei insect fogger, pays $17 and gets a sno-park permit free also. Pisses me off to no end that I am subsidising snowmobilers! Keep those E-mails to Olympia coming.Try a complaint to your state representatives also. "Be safe, think clearly, ski hard! Kapman
  5. Right on Water. And do not be misled when they say some of the funds are used to facilitate search and rescue. Absolutely none of the permit funds go to search or rescue! Poaching the summit via alternate routes is fun and satisfying! " Be safe,think clearly, climb hard!" Kapman
  6. Avy Safety???

    What RBPIKAS said. Always probe! Leave probe in, start digging 1 1/2 times the burial depth downhill. You do not want to be standing on the victims head while you are digging! Also you need a wide space to GENTLY roll the patient out. Think trauma! 25% of avy victims die from trauma. Kapman
  7. FS: BD Firstlight, I Tent, Eldorado Vestibule

    I take thirds on the vestabule if it last.
  8. Where were you?

    We did the Castle Crag route on Mt Hood the morning of the 18th. At the summmit it St. Helens was still complete and smoking peacefully. When we got back to Illumination saddle there was 30 or so people standing on the ridge over looking the Reid Glacier. As this was normallly a bathroom area I thought this seemed odd. When we walked over to see what was going on we saw a eruption cloud to about 30000 ft with the most amazing lightning storm I have ever seen. We packed up and never fully realized what the extent of the eruption till we got home to SW WA. " Be safe, think clearly, climb hard!" Kapman
  9. The Oregon permit will not work with Washington plates in a Washington State Sno-Park. I get a head ache every time I try to reason it out!
  10. The way I understand it there is a specified amount alocated to each sno-park. When it is used up, no more plowing. It is a private contractor that does the work at MSH. $43 for a season, $21 for a day pass! Those of us in SW Washington are paying to keep the I-90 coridor open. I will try to get a current road report.
  11. Keen to climb Mt Hood - any takers?

    Matt Thanks for helping with ankle injury last weekend. I would be glad to climb Mt. HOOD with you. ( I was the the old guy on the Rokon motorbike) Kapman
  12. WTF! Climber falls on St Helens!

    It is frustrating to hear the different accounts going on in the media. I hope this will help set things straight. I got the call for a injured climber about 1:00 PM Monday. Packed my gear and headed to Marble Sno-Park. Along the way I found out a climber had fallen off the rim. This would be the second time in my 23 year as a rescuer to hear those dreaded words. A prvate helo flown by the most experienced St Helens pilot there is was called.The plan was to fly eight rescuers into the crater to treat and move him to a safe pick up area. Myself and another rescuer were the first flight. We first located the subject, he was almost down to the glacier. We flew over half a dozen times dropping streamers to help the pilot get some depth perception. This was in very turbulent air coming from all directions. We saw no movement from the fallen climber. It was decided to drop one rescuer and gear at the sugar bowl to lighten up the aircraft. My partner got out and we again flew back into the crater to attempt a one skid landing anywhere that was possible. We flew another 20-30 minutes before trying to let me off near the subject. Again ther was absolutely no movement from climber, snow was drifting over him from the rotor wash and no movement. We got within 3 feet of the ground but did not have any rotor room or any safety margin left in the aircraft. The pilot aborted the attempted landing and returned to the Sugar bowl to pick up my partner then returned to Marble snow-park. A USCG ship came from Astoria. Our pilot escourted the USCG into the crater then retuned home. The Coast guard with ten times the horsepower could not establish a safe hover to lower a PJ down to the subject. The USCG returned to Astoria. There ws much dicussion about going in on foot to access the climber. I figured it would be a 8-12 hour hike ( if it was possible at all).The Skamania sherriff decided to suspend ops for the night. I just recieved confirmation that a US Navy helo has winched the subject out. My heart goes out to the family and friends of the fallen climber. "Be safe,think clearly, climb hard!" Kapman
  13. I tried the sled thing years ago. They do not sidehill worth a crap. You need a flap brake to stop it from pulling you back on the uphill. I do encourage you to experiment with it. I have read some reports from skiiers who are sold on them. Good Luck!
  14. St Helens Avy danger?

    Check out the Sno-Tell sites for current conditions at 4000 ft. June Lake and Swift Creek are the most pertinent.http://www.wcc.nrcs.usda.gov/nwcc/sntl-data0000.jsp?site=748&days=7&state=WA