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  1. Never used except to wear around the house a few times. I still have the box and the stuffing. $50 Located in Seattle University District. E-mail me at tomit37@gmail.com as I don't go on this site much anymore.
  2. Scapra Force

    Has anyone tried these out yet? Can't find anywhere that carries them. I'm trying to get a feel for sizing.
  3. Ice Tools, and Stoppers (Reduced Price)

    Taking advantage people's hookups and turning it around to generate some cash. Sneaky. I tried contacting the guy too, but could have at least used some of that stuff for myself...
  4. Gear Sale!

    ALL SOLD! Cheers!
  5. Gear Sale!

    With school getting more serious and the economy getting increasingly horrible, I'm not able to go out and do anything besides sport and probably not even that in a couple weeks (sad, I know). Please help a college student out . Burton Custom Men's Medium - $50 * Brand new, right out of the box. 5.10 V10 sz 8 Shoes - $40 * Used 2 times in the gym... aggressive fit. Wired Bliss TCU #1-#5 - $110 WC Tech Friends 1 $ 2 - $50 * Brand new. Never placed, never racked. 1 BD Hotwire - $4 9 BD Quicksilver Wires -$36 2 Omega 4.0 Wires - $6 1 Omega 4.0 Bent - $3 BD Oval (Not Pictured) - $2.50 BD Nuts 1-13 - $70 Pink Tricam - $5 In Seattle. Thanks Tomio
  6. WC Tech Friends #1 & #2

    For sale $30 each + Shipping. Brand new, never placed, never racked. Shipping from Seattle. Thanks Tomio
  7. Gear Sale

    BUMP Jacket sold Harness --> $25 Tech Friends --> $30 ea
  8. Gear Sale

    BUMP for updates & price changes
  9. Gear Sale

    Rock Empire Robot #2 - $15 SOLD Rock Empire Pulsar #3 - $15 SOLD WC Tech Friend #2 Brand New - $30 WC Tech Friend #1 Brand New - $30 Tricam: Red, Brown, Purple, Blue - $7 each or $25 for all SOLD 8 Quicksilver Wiregate Carabiners - $4 each Burton Custom Men's Medium - $60 *Brand new, right out of the box. BD Harness sz M - $25 *Used 3 times or so... too big for me. Comes with a storage sack. 5.10 V10 sz 8 Shoes - $50 *Used 2 times in the gym... aggressive fit. Outdoor Research GTX (paclite + proshell) Mataphor Jacket Men's Small - $120 SOLD *Brand new--bought it on off season, but it doesn't fit me well. Will fit a size medium better than a size small. From Seattle, price does not include shipping or paypal fees. Thanks Tomio
  10. Wild Things Andinista and Speed 40

    Todd is a crook. Just kidding, he's an OK guy.
  11. HeadLamp info

    I love my Princeton Aurora. Just a simple headlamp.
  12. Trip: Mt. Adams - South Spur Date: 6/27/2009 Trip Report: After a long ride car ride from Seattle, we arrived at the trail head at about 10 pm and slept. We woke up at 2 AM and set out. It was a little chilly, but after 10 minutes of hiking, clothing was reduced to a shirt and Mountaineers-style bottoms (shorts and long underwear). As the sun cam out, there was starting to be a lot more traffic and we could readily feel how how the day was going to be... One guy commented on the snowboards we were carrying and suggested that we leave the boards at the false summit and board down from there; we didn't listen to him. There were nice, kicked out steps until we got closer to the false summit. We opted against an overnighter, so we trucked past lunch counter making good time. Closer to the false summit, we strapped on crampons because steps weren't as well kicked out and it got a lot steeper. This also made life easier as we didn't have to tailgate slower hikers. On both our sides, we saw many glissaders of which only 80% knew how to properly self-arrest. There were some pretty interesting ways people were doing it... One guy even yelled at this woman for doing it wrong. We got to the summit where we could see nice views of St. Helens, Rainier, and Hood. There were people EVERYWHERE. Snowboarding down to the false summit was not fun. The snow was suncupped and rocks were poking out everywhere. Snowboarding down from the false summit wasn't fun either... more mogles. We got some nice spots, but the novelty of snowboarding down a summit had already past. Gear Notes: Leave snowboards at home You can do without crampons, but they had their uses Proper self arrest skills if you plan on glissading Approach Notes: You can drive all the way up to the trail.
  13. Ice Tools

  14. Thousand dollars of stolen gear?

    Well it looks like they took the posting down and didn't respond to my message. Sigh.
  15. Stolen Gear?

    Did someone get their climbing gear stolen somewhere between Tacoma and Seattle? Ice axe, ice screws, a ridiculous amount of quickdraws, nuts, cams, rap racks, carabiners... etc. If this strikes a lightbulb, let me know. for $100 and it's worth like 2000. I'm going to buy the lot and leave it for a month or two OR until someone can correctly identify it. If not, I will sell the gear out for cheap. Very sketch. Let me know.