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  1. I just bought a CCW pack (Custom Chernobyl). It's ferkin awesome. I opted for the 500d spectra grid. It weighs EXACTLY what the site says. The Spectra grid weigh a LITTLE more than the straight up 500d, but I cut off some daisies and things so the weight ended up in the wash. I hardly ever use the lid, so I almost had him make the lid using the 210d spectra grid fabric...and I wish that I had, but oh well. woulda saved weight comparable to a carabiner. significant, but not. better just to leave it behind abnyway. My next pack will be a 210d spectra grid CCW Valdez, fully stripped. SO psyched on CCW. As far as the 500d s.g. fabric...well, it's firts big day out, I ripped it! hahahah! but guess what? That day was an 8 mile approach through 4th and 5th class terrain in the Grand Canyon, hauling packs up funky slabs and through rotten chimneys. Did I mention that I had 65 lbs in that thing? Remember, if you are out in the Canyon for 4 days, you better have 4 gallons of water on you... How did it carry? Well, let's just say that w/o a stay, it hurt, but so does carrying 65lbs WITH a stay, lov=bor day weekend in the Canyon. 500d spectra grid is the PERFECT belen of durability/weight and price. 210 tips the scale towards weight at the expense of (duh) durability and price. I also own a Cilogear V4 45L worksack. It's on sale at the consignment shop. Sorry Graham. It's not you, it's me. really! Size lrg DOES NOT fit my 19.5 in torso (too big) and the dee clip BS is way to cosmic for me. I was sold on paper, but I like to think about the climbing, not my pack. also, both cinch grommets have ripped out and the sternum strap buckle broke. I've also broken two other buckles, one by slamming in car door, and one by stepping on it (it was cold out.) 500d rules.
  2. sweet! Eagerly reading everything I can on Cold Cold world packs...Have a Cilogear that does not fit me well, and a BD that has been GREAT but is well on its way out after 4 years of abuse. I want a Chernobyl sized pack, but w/ a few changes, namely ice tool loops instead of pick sleeves/buckles, and perhaps some spectra ripstop instead of balistics? Gotta shoot him an e-mail before the summer ramps up. Maybe I've found my Ruth Gorge pack??? I'm sure you'll chuckle at this, but would you venture to guess that reaching into a chalkbag while wearing a Chernobyl would be problematic? Can't do it w/ the Cilogear or Wild Things (hangs too long/low in the ass end. Bad for scetchy butt scooting down-mantling too!!)
  3. So, after some serious eyeballing here's the skinny... One tool def. had a slightly bent pick. So after some time in a vice, i bent it back best i could. not perfect but fairly straight, not a prob. The other tool's pick however is arrow straight...but does not line up w/ the shaft...I believe that the actual steel head that the pick is bolted to is not seated in the shaft perfectly straight. I think even w/ a brand new pick it would still point to the left. To be honest, it's not THAT bad and I've never noticed it climbing. Also, given that ice is not perfectly flat and the tool prob. sits un-perfectly in your hand when you swing it anyway, it shouldn't matter...but I'm a perfectionist and wish my $200 tool was perfect too. oh well, I might try and warranty them in the spring. Besides this quality control issue, I really like them. Only other tool i've owned is the Petzl Aztar, and these are better. They are REALLY light though and feel super precise because of that, but if you are used to a heavy tool it will prob. feel very strange. Gotta really snap 'em in for a one stick swing. Also, Because of their double curve in the shaft they do not sit as securely across your chest/over your shoulder when switching hands as do, say BD tools w/ their constant curve.
  4. As I was sharpening my picks today I noticed that they were crooked! Only slightly on one tool, but very noticable on the other! I was bummed to say the least. I have never mixed climbed on them, so torquing is not the issue (and I can't believe I've never noticed it before!) They are the Matrix Tech's (w/ the black ...handle). I suggest going and checking your tools right now. To check mine, I put the head towards me, w/ the pick point towards the sky and tried to line up the pick w/ the shaft via line of sight. If there are more of us "crooked tool owners" I feel Grivel needs to know! I have not contacted them yet myself... Vic
  5. good threads on the same subject, with reviews on the Batura (by me and others) at mountainproject.com
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